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Council Meetings

Public Questions and Statements

The Town of Port Hedland is committed to involving the public in the decision-making process. The ability to ask a question and make statements at our Council meetings is viewed as an integral part of the public's ability to participate.

How do I ask a question at a Council meeting?

Any member of the public can ask up to three questions during public question time of Council meetings. 

People wishing to ask questions verbally at a meeting should submit the questions, using the form below, to or by hand to the Civic Centre one week in advance. Answers to questions received within that timeframe will, where practicable, be provided at the meeting.

If you are unable to provide advance notice of your question, you can still ask it at the meeting and officers will make every attempt to provide you with a full response. If a response cannot be provided to you, your question will be 'taken on notice' and a response will be included in the next agenda for that meeting.

How do I make a statement at a Council meeting?

A member of the public can make a public statement during public statement time of Council meetings. A member of the public must first state their name and full address, before making a public statement.

Public statements must not be longer than five minutes.

Recording of Council and Committee Meetings

As all Council and Committee Meetings are audio recorded as an additional record of the meeting and to assist with minute-taking purposes, they may be released upon request to third parties.

However, if members of the public do not give permission for the recording of their participation at the meeting they will be asked by the Chair to indicate this at the meeting.

All recordings can be accessed by clicking this link within 10 working days of the Council meeting date and within 5 working days of the Committee meeting date.

Should members of the public wish to access a CD copy of an audio recording of a Council or Committee meeting, they can do so by submitting a request through the form below. A CD copy will incur a cost of $20.00 per meeting.

The policy adopted by Council at its Ordinary Meeting of 28 November 2012 (amended at the 22 November 2017 Ordinary Council Meeting to include Live Steaming of Council Meetings) sets out how recordings of Council and Committee meetings are created, stored, used, accessed and disposed of in accordance with legislative requirements. This policy is included in the Town’s Policy Manual, which is saved here.

Members of the public are also reminded that in accordance with Section 20.3 of the Town of Port Hedland Local Law on Standing Orders nobody shall use any visual or vocal electronic device or instrument to record the proceedings of any meeting unless that person has been given permission by the chairperson to do so.

For more information please contact the Governance Unit on 9158 9317.

All Town of Port Hedland documents are available to the community upon request and in alternative formats if required, including hard copy in standard and large print, electronic format, audio format on CD or USB, or via email.