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How Rates Are Calculated

The valuation of each Property is individually assessed by the Valuer Generals Office every 3 years, to determine its Gross Rental Value (GRV). Where a property is vacant, the GRV is calculated as being 3% of the Capital value of the land for residential land or 5% of the capital value of the land for all other land. Rural properties are valued by the Valuer General on an Unimproved Valuation (UV) basis.

The Town of Port Hedland, as part of its annual budget process, sets the Rate in the Dollar that it will charge to maintain the Town's services.

The rates payable for each property are a combination of the property's valuation multiplied by the relevant rate-in-the-$ - subject to a Minimum Payment which is set each year by Council. The rate-in-the-$ is shown on your rates notice.

If you feel that the valuation applied to your property is incorrect, you can lodge an objection with the Valuer General’s Office within 60 days of the date of issue shown on your Rates Notice.

For further information about how property valuations are assessed please contact the Valuer General’s Office on (08) 9429 8400.