South Hedland Cemetery

The South Hedland Cemetery is managed by the Town of Port Hedland and has been operational since the end of 1968. 

Access to the Cemetery is located off the Great Northern Highway, Port Hedland with the entry from Flynn Place.

The Town aims to provide a suitable environment for respectful recognition of a persons life and whilst public visitation is encouraged, visitors are respectfully requested to not drive vehicles in to the cemetery.  Should access be required for an elderly family member or persons with a disability, please contact the Town of Port Hedland on (08) 9158 9700 to arrange access prior to your visit.

South Hedland Cemetery Masterplan

The South Hedland Cemetery Masterplan presents a long-term vision for the South Hedland Cemetery.

It has been designed to plan for the improvement and future strategic expansion of the South Hedland Cemetery.

Considerable time has been put into creating the Masterplan.

One of the main aims is to provide the community with a Cemetery that allows visitors to have a sense of peace and serenity.

Upgrades have been thought out to be sensitive to the landscape and provide a reflection of the unique Pilbara landscape.

Consideration has been given to the diverse religions and cultures in the community.

The South Hedland Masterplan is available here.


For funerals, memorial works and reservation of plots, please request a form by email to

For any enquiries about the South Hedland Cemetery, Existing Plots, Reservation of plots or Funerals please phone 08 9158 9700. 

The Directorate of Infrastructure and Town Services is responsible for processing applications concerning the Cemetery.

Infrastructure and Town Services is located at the Town's Depot in Wedgefield at Lot 4 - 6 Cajarina Road. 

Please contact the Depot on (08) 9158 9700, or email to 

Please note: Applications will only be approved with supporting documentation. 

For any enquiries please phone (08) 9158 9300 or email


South Hedland cemetery is managed in line with both the Cemeteries Act 1986, and the Town's Local Cemetery Law.

Funeral Operators

Newman Funeral Services

Mobile: 0423 681 075  or  0411 068 372


Pilbara Funeral Services

Mobile: 0437 313 093



Gascoyne Funeral Directors

Mobile: 0402 228 813

Landline: (08) 9941 3474


Single Funeral Permits Only

Monumental Masons

 Norwest Monumental

Phone: (08) 9192 3113


Forever Shining

Phone: (08) 6191 0396


Midland Monumental Works

Phone: (08) 9358 0300


Fees and Charges

On application to hold a funeral, the following fees shall be payable in advance

21/22 Total Fee

GST Inclusive

Burial Fee

Dig grave 1.8m and not more than 2.1m deep (single Plot) Monday to Friday




Grant of Right of Burial fee - term 25 years $80.00 -
Registration of re-assignment or bequest (Transfer) of Grant of Right of Burial $80.00 -

Plot Fee

Land for grave 2.75 x 1.5m where directed by ToPH Officer $80.00 -
Land for grave 2.75 x 1.5m where selected by applicant $160.00 -
Reopen an existing grave $800 Yes
Exhume remains - performed by specialist contractor POA
Re-interment after exhumation No charge -


Single use monumental masons licence $80.00 -
Monumental masons licence - annual $220.00 -
Funeral directors licence - annual $220.00 -
Single use funeral permit $80.00 -
Permission to erect a headstone or monument $70.00 -
Permission to enclose grave with kerbing $70.00 -
Placement of ashes $100.00 -
Searches, copies and extracts of the Register $30 -

Memorial Plaques

Plaque location reservation fee No charge -
Plaque administration fee $80 Yes
Installation of plaques (per hour, min. 1 hour charge) $80 Yes