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Rebates and/or Deferments for Pensioners & Seniors

Applicable to RATES and EMERGENCY SERVICES LEVY only. All other charges to be paid in full.

Pensioners who meet the eligibility criteria below are entitled to claim a rebate of up to 50% where the rebate is capped by the WA State Government to a maximum amount or may defer payment of those rates. Persons who hold a Seniors Card, issued by the Office of Seniors Interests, and a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, are entitled to the same level of concession as a pensioner

Seniors who meet the following eligibility criteria are entitled to claim a rebate of up to 25% where the rebate is capped by the WA State Government to a maximum amount. Please note: Seniors cannot defer rates.

Eligibility Criteria - to be eligible for a concession under the Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferments Act) 1992, an applicant must be the owner and reside in the property on 1 July of the rating year.

If a Pensioner:

  • to be in receipt of a pension and hold a current Pensioner Concession Card or current State Concession Card; or
  • to hold both a current Senior Card Issued by the Office of Seniors Interests and a current Commonwealth Seniors Health Card; or

If a Senior:

  • to hold a current Senior Card issued by the Office of Seniors Interests

A pro-rata rebate may be available from the date of registration for eligible registered Pensioners and Seniors who become eligible after 1 July of the current rating year. If your circumstances change, particularly with respect to your ownership or occupancy of the property, or your eligibility as a Pensioner or Senior, you must notify the Shire or Water Corporation. Your registration will be cancelled or amended as appropriate.

Register Concessions: Ratepayers can register for their concession on the internet via or apply over the phone to the Water Corporation on 1300 659 951. Concessions only apply once your application is received and registered. Rebates to eligible registered Pensioners and Seniors under the Rates & Charges (Rebates & Deferments) Act 1992 are funded by the State Government of Western Australia.

Pensioner Rebates – ‘Centrelink Confirmation Services’ Consent Form

To help with the application and processing of your Pension rebate with RevenueWA, the Town of Port Hedland may need to confirm some details concerning your Pension rebate.

The ratepayer can provide this information to the Town by:

  1. Contacting Centrelink and providing to the Town the requested documents/evidence.
  2. The Town of Port Hedland Rates Officer can access the ‘Centrelink Confirmation eServices’ portal on your behalf saving you time and possible inconvenience.

Please note the information received is for confirmation purposes only and is never shared with a third party and this consent can be withdrawn by notifying the Town in writing at any time.

To help us check the eligibility of your rebate please fill out the consent form and return to along with your full name and property address the rebate applies to.

Click below to access form: