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  1. The Walkabout Hotel, people by the pool, 1976 
  2. Prince Charles visit to Port Hedland, 1979
  3. Port Hedland Port Authority Tower, 1960s 
  4. Etcetera Boutique Float at Spinifex Spree parade, 1975

A bit of Port Hedland history

Check out some of the displays you can see thanks to to Port Hedland Historical Society at Dalgety House Museum on Anderson Street in Port Hedland.  

The newly renamed Strike Park was officially opened on 1st May 2021 marking the 75th anniversary of the Pilbara Aboriginal Strike in 1946. This involved over 800 Aboriginal pastoral workers from 23 different language groups walking off Pilbara stations to protest low wages and poor living conditions.  There is an excellent site that is well worth reading on the Pilbara Aboriginal Strike website.

Richard Offen visited the Town in 2018 to help us build up and promote our local history collection at South Hedland Library. Here's what he shared:

In 2018 the Local History collection was enhanced with the help of our community in an initiative to help build up the content of our collection and was sponsored by the Pilbara Regional Council and supported by the Port Hedland Historical Society.  People in the community generously donated a range of items from photos to letters and diaries.  

The Town of Port Hedland is always looking to extend our local history collection to preserve and celebrate the rich and diverse community of Port Hedland and surrounding areas. Electronically collecting historical material makes sure items of significance are around for future generations to enjoy.

Do you have a piece of Port Hedland History that could become part of our collection? These items will be electronically scanned, preserved and shared online with our community, with your approval. Items can include:

  • Photographs
  • Letters
  • Diary Pages
  • Wills, Deeds & Essays
  • Artefacts.

We'd love to talk with you about items you're willing to share with us.  Please contact us:

Town of Port Hedland, Local History, South Hedland Library

Leake Street, PO Box 2361

South Hedland WA 6722

Ph: 9158 9374


Enquiries about the Local History Collection

The Local History Collection is a closed collection as it contains many fragile items.  Much of the collection is being digitised to help make it more widely available for all.

Most of the books held in the Local History Collection are also available in the general collection.

If you have a specific enquiry about local history, you're welcome to contact us at

You will need to make an appointment - please email or phone us first.