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As the Town of Port Hedland, our vision statement is...

“Together, we create a thriving, resilient and inclusive future for our diverse community”


Our mission as the Town of Port Hedland is...

“To guide the growth and development of the Hedland community, economy and environment through the provision of strong civic leadership, provision of high-quality services and facilitation of active community participation”

Guiding Principles

Guiding principles are the fundamental, moral, and ethical beliefs that we share as a community. They represent core values and capture what a community considers important. They help foster trust, respect, collaboration, and unity.

The following Guiding Principles provide the context for the Town of Port Hedland:

Integrity, Openness, Respect and Accountability

We will act in a professional, ethical, accountable, and transparent manner nurturing attitudes and behaviours that result in positive community building, relationships, transparency and enhanced community pride

Teamwork, Unity and Collaboration

We commit to a high-level of community, stakeholder and staff engagement, cooperation, partnership and networking

Active Community Engagement and Citizenship

We will respect the contributions of all community groups and ages fostering the mindset and actions that encourage greater community member involvement, volunteerism and ownership

Inclusiveness and Diversity

We will promote a future for all our community members, actively strengthening the social fabric of the community, valuing diversity and responding to special needs and disadvantage

Innovation and Creativity

As an organisation, we will encourage an enterprising spirit and initiative to achieve our community’s aspirations and Council’s vision