Noise is unreasonable sound that has potential to disrupt the health, welfare and comfort of any person, causing loss of sleep and emotional stress. The Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997 refer to noise that passes from one premises to another, for example between neighbouring properties, in addition to noise that is emitted from a public place as it affects adjacent premises. The Regulations set assigned noise levels which are the highest noise levels that can be achieved. Specific levels are set for sensitive/residential, commercial and industrial noise receivers. Sound can be deemed unreasonable by ear, by an authorised officer, or by sound level measurements.

The Regulations allow for adjusted noise emission allowances for certain activities that benefit the community, such as construction sites, public events and venues, community activities, motor sport and shooting venues, waste collection and associated services, equipment used on residential premises, blasting and bellringing and calls to worship. Specific conditions relating to sound levels times and durations of noise apply to each activity.

Construction work

Construction work must be carried out between 0700 and 1900 on any day that is not a Sunday or public holiday. Any work intended to be undertaken outside these hours must be necessary and comply with a noise management plan (NMP) that has been approved by the Town.

Personal Equipment

Equipment used on residential premises that requires the constant presence of an operator and which is operating for less than 2 hours that day; or a musical instrument which is used for less than 1 hour that day, is not required to comply with the assigned levels of the Regulations, provided that the equipment is used during daytime in reasonable manner and does not unreasonably interfere with neighbours.

Public events

Public events, particularly music events, may operate under special approval granted by the Town CEO. A NMP must be submitted to the Town for assessment and approval. Assessment fees may apply.

Waste collection etc.

Waste collections, street cleaning and hazard management are exempt during the day. However, any activities that occur out-of-hours must be conducted in accordance with an approved NMP.

Developing a Noise Management Plan (NMP)

At a minimum, a NMP must provide the following information:

  • Description of the work
  • Details of the contractor scheduled to carry out the work
  • Noise-generating equipment to be used
  • Predicted noise levels to be generated
  • Noise monitoring procedures to be undertaken
  • Noise control measures to be implemented
  • Complaint-handling procedures
  • Community notification strategies
  • Site layout plan

Making a Noise Complaint

Complaints about unreasonable noise occurring between 8am and 5pm Monday-Friday can be made to the Town’s Environmental Health department.

Complaints about unreasonable noise in your neighbourhood outside of the above office hours may be made to the local Police station.

For further information please contact the Town’s Environmental Health department on 9158 9300.