Current Planning Projects

South Hedland Place Plan

The purpose of the South Hedland Place Plan is to develop a community-driven, place-led approach to activate and deliver positive outcomes for the South Hedland town centre.

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Spoilbank Marina

The $187.5 million Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina project aims to transform Port Hedland's waterfront into an attractive and popular destination for locals and visitors.

The Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina is funded by the State Government through the Town of Port Hedland and the Pilbara Development Commission. The project design has been led by an inter-agency Taskforce comprised of the Town of Port Hedland, Pilbara Development Commission, Department of Transport, Pilbara Ports Authority, DevelopmentWA and Department of Treasury. The Pilbara Ports Authority is the delivery agency for the project, which is expected to be completed by late 2023.

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Wilson Street Shared Path Project

The Wilson Street Shared Path Project seeks to link the path network between Port and South Hedland to encourage residents to cycle and walk, and to link tourists to key points of interest.

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Active Transport Strategy

Active transport includes modes of transport that require physical effort such as walking, cycling, and using a wheelchair. The active transport network describes the footpaths, shared paths, pedestrian access ways (PAWs), and associated infrastructure that supports it.

The Town has developed an Active Transport Strategy that aims to:

  • Provide a comprehensive overview of the existing network
  • Identify key missing links in the network
  • Provide guidance on infrastructure considerations
  • Develop recommendations for the upgrading, maintenance, and closure of PAWs
  • Outline a framework for addressing PAW closures
  • Advocate for the education and promotion of Active Transport

See the Active Transport Strategy. for more details and the Action Plan.

Housing Solutions Summit

In December 2021, the Town of Port Hedland convened a multi-stakeholder Housing Solutions Summit to address the crisis in affordable land and housing supply in Hedland. The Summit was extremely well attended with representation from relevant government departments, regional development agencies, peak bodies in the housing sector and developers. Five high level priorities were determined pursuant to the Summit. In brief, these include:

  • Advocating to establish a Project Steering Committee with prescribed terms of reference to manage the project and guide delivery of the priorities, with lead agencies designated delivery responsibility.
  • Advocating with relevant stakeholders for agreement to audit and repurpose vacant underutilised properties with preference for transition of Government Regional Officer Housing and industry from Osprey Village service workers accommodation;
  • Facilitate agreement for a multi-party land and housing development and leverage funding sources and underwriting opportunities to de-risk investment and deliver affordable land and housing supply;
  • Identifying innovative, affordable, and sustainable housing supply, supported by construction workforce and supply chain opportunities (based on securing economies of scale);
  • and
  • Supporting pathways to home ownership by promoting personal and business loan products, negotiating employer and rates incentivisation and considering wraparound services to secure tenure.

Refer to the Housing Solutions Priorities Matrix [PDF 100 KB] for more information.