Current Planning Projects

Coastal Foreshore Management Plan


The Coastal Foreshore Management Plan (CFMP) for the Port Hedland townsite will serve as a blueprint for the future development and use of this highly valued coastal foreshore.   

The coastal zone is a major asset for the Town; and like any asset management plan, the CFMP will set out the way the coastal zone can be used, how it will be managed and what actions might be taken to protect and/or modify the area to meet the needs of the community.

Spoilbank Marina


Following an announcement of the 2019 WA State Government to commit funding to the Spoilbank Marina Development Project in Port Hedland, the Town of Port Hedland and Pilbara Development Commission (PDC) have been given the responsibility to oversee the planning, detailed design and delivery of the Spoilbank Marina.

An expert consultant team has been formed to engage with key stakeholders and the community, undertake detailed design work and secure the necessary approvals. As this project transitions from concept to detailed designs, community and stakeholder involvement is critical to ensure the creation of a vibrant waterfront destination and deliver maximum economic and social benefits for the town, region and local community. The Town has received a JDAP development application for the landside development.

Further information on the project can be found below:

Spoilbank Marina 

Athol Street and Stables Precincts


The Town is in receipt of a structure plan for the Athol Street precinct and a scheme amendment and structure plan for the Stables precinct. The structure plans are prepared concurrently with Scheme Amendment No. 84 to the Town of Port Hedland Local Planning Scheme No. 5. Amendment No. 84 proposes to reclassify and rezone the subject site to ‘Urban Development’ zone. With the adoption of the Town of Port Hedland Coastal Hazard Risk Mapping and Adaption Plan (CHRMAP) in April 2019, there is sufficient planning guidance for decision-makers to consider the proposed structure plans and Amendment No. 84.

Further information on the project can be found below:

East Port Hedland Planning Framework

Community Profile (2018), Economic Profile (2018) and Population Forecasting (2041)


The Town of Port Hedland is working toward updating its local planning strategy, the Port City Growth Plan (2012). The first step in this process is updating population and economic data to reflect current day statistics and thinking. See below to view the Town's current Community Profile, Economic Profile and latest Population Forecasts.

Community Profile

Population Forecasts

Economic Profile

Transient Workforce Accommodation Strategy (2014)


Non-permanent residential workers have a significant impact on the housing supply issues experienced within the Town as well as the supply and demand for services and facilities.

This Strategy aims to ensure that appropriate accommodation for this section of the market is planned for and developed in future and at the same time leaving a legacy benefit to the Town.

Transient Workforce Accommodation Strategy (2014)

Guidance Note for potential developers of Transient Workforce Accommodation (2008)

Local Planning Strategy and Scheme Review


The Town’s current local planning strategy, Pilbara's Port City Growth Plan, was adopted by Council on 23 May 2012. As the Port City Growth Plan was prepared during the height of the resources sector construction boom and the resource sector has since shifted into an operational phase, the population and economic growth aspirations listed in the document are no longer appropriate to underpin the provisions of a strategy or scheme.

 The current Town of Port Hedland Local Planning Scheme No. 5 (LPS5) was gazetted on 31 August 2001 and is substantially overdue for review. The Scheme Review process was commenced in 2013 but never eventuated for a variety of reasons including uncertainty over the expansion of the port and the future of residential development in the West End. The announcement by the State Government in October 2018 that an Improvement Plan and Scheme will be prepared over the West End of Port Hedland with restrictions on residential development has provided the necessary certainty with respect to the future of the area, and impetus to progress the Scheme Review process, noting that any provisions relating to the West End will be superseded by the draft Port Hedland West End Improvement Scheme No. 1 provisions.

The  Town has recently commenced public advertising of the draft Local Planning Strategy and the Local Planning Scheme No. 7. 

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