Community Partnerships Grant

Community Partnership funding supports community groups and organisations to deliver events, activities and programs that enhance local communities, celebrate diversity, and provide opportunities to develop social cohesion and connection within the Hedland community. The proposed events, activities and programs should:

  • Drive community and social outcomes to enhance the quality of life in local communities
  • Contribute to the community, arts, cultural and sporting events
  • Drive future growth and sustainability of local events, activities and programs
  • Improve the capacity and wellbeing of community with a focus on youth, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people, older persons and access and Inclusion.


The project, program, event, or activity that funding is being sought for:

  • must benefit or service the Town of Port Hedland community
  • must align with one or more of the above grant priorities
  • has NOT received financial support through another funding program from the Town within the same financial year.

Applications must be recognised as a not-for-profit, incorporated body or a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission. If you are an individual or not an incorporated organisation you will need to partner with a registered organisation and apply via an auspice agreement.

Your application must include your current Australian Business Number (ABN) and a current certificate of incorporation.

The applicant must provide proof of public liability insurance to $10 million, current at the time the initiative is taking place. If your organisation does not have insurance, another insured organisation can auspice the application.

For profit, and government organisations (other than schools) are ineligible to apply under the Program.

funding rounds

Open all year round (or until the annual funding allocation is exhausted).

Value of grant

Up to $15,000 per application

What can be funded

  • Planning and operating costs to deliver a specific event or project.  These costs might include advertising and marketing, facility or venue hire, fees and charges, printing, or signage
  • Flights, accommodation, and fees to bring facilitators and coaches to the Town to provide skill development and training opportunities
  • Community events, capacity building workshops and training, functions, trade shows, expos or conferences, and community and public art projects.
  • Public liability Insurances associated with the project
  • Religious/faith-based groups may be eligible for funding for community-based initiatives that are all inclusive.

What will not be funded

  • Deficit funding for an organisation
  • Events for projects that have already been delivered or for costs that have already been incurred
  • Any costs associated with the purchasing or supply of alcohol or associated licences
  • Ongoing operational wages/salaries of a group, organisation, or association
  • Applicants with outstanding acquittals or debts with the Town of Port Hedland
  • Administration costs over 10% of total cost of activity / project
  • Religious ceremonies


Visit the Town of Port Hedland SmartyGrants page to apply.

More information

Contact or call (08) 9111 5000