OWLS: Older Wiser Library Seniors

The Town of Port Hedland Libraries has launched  OWLS for Hedland community members, 60 years and older. OWLS is a time to gather and enjoy a variety of activities whilst making new connections. OWLS is free, open to the public and registration is not necessary.

Why was OWLS established?

Through consultation and research, it was identified that there were not a lot of initiatives specifically tailored for older residents in the Hedland community. Based on the 2016 census, there are close to 1000 residents in Hedland who are 60 years or older. 

Older residents may experience social isolation and loneliness at higher rates than the general population. OWLS promotes the importance of coming together, sharing a love of literacy and supporting each other in our later years of life.

There are several benefits of regular social interaction, including increased energy, lower stress levels and mental stimulation.

The first OWLS session was launched on Wednesday, 16 May 2018 and received positive feedback from attendees.

What can I expect at an OWLS session?

You will feel empowered to share your wisdom, passion and experiences in a friendly library setting. You will learn about the breadth of library services on offer, meet our friendly and understanding library staff, listen to special guest speakers and spark new and inspiring conversations with each other. Morning tea will also be provided.

When will the OWLS sessions be held?

The OWLS sessions are now held monthly on every third Wednesday of each month from 10:30am to 11:30am

Next sessions for 2023:

Wednesday 19th April 2023 | Macrame with Mel 

Wednesday 17th May 2023

Wednesday 21st June 2023

Wednesday 19th July 2023

Wednesday 16th August 2023

Wednesday 20th September 2023

Wednesday 18th October 2023

Wednesday 15th November 2023

Wednesday 20th December 2023

Please follow the Town of Port Hedland Facebook and the Hedland Libraries Facebook page to be updated on when the next OWLS session will be or check out the posters in the libraries.

How do I benefit by attending?

Engaging with the community and socialising regularly have a number of benefits. These include feeling a sense of purpose and belonging, increased self-esteem and confidence and improved mental health. You will also hear from special guest speakers discussing a range of interesting topics.

Where can I find more information?

If you would like any more information about the program, please call the the libraries on 9158 9373 or email sthlib@porthedland.wa.gov.au