Any person wishing to erect, attach, affix or maintain any sign or advertising device is required to obtain a Building Permit prior to the commencement of the installation of the sign.

Please find below a detailed list of the information which is required to be submitted as a part of a Building Permit application:

Site Plan – Three (3) copies of a site plan to a scale of 1-200 or 1-500 must be provided showing all existing structures, relevant setbacks, street furniture i.e. light poles, crossovers, location of proposed signage etc.

Elevations – Three (3) copies of external elevations must be provided to a minimum scale of 1-10 showing the location of the proposed signage including the information proposed to be depicted on the sign, materials, fixings, colours etc.

Design – Three (3) copies of detailed signage design, including colours.

Justification statement - demonstrating compliance with the Local Laws (see below) Please note: If your proposal does not comply with the Local Laws for signage, you will need to obtain Planning Approval in the first instance.

Structural Engineers Drawings – Three (3) copies of signed, structural engineer certified drawings must be provided detailing materials, connections, fixings etc and be certified in accordance with the below criteria as a minimum.

General Criteria:

  • Region D
  • Terrain Category 2

Wind Speeds:

  • Ultimate Limit – 88 meters per second
  • Serviceability Limit – 55 meters per second

NOTE: The above is the minimum required documentation that must be provided for an assessment to be undertaken. Upon assessment, the Building Surveyor may require further information.

For further information, please contact the Lands and Technical Officer on (08) 9158 9300.

Control of Signs and Advertising Devices Local Law