2020 Extraordinary Local Government Election

This year, the Town of Port Hedland Extraordinary Local Government Election was held on Saturday 17 October 2020.




The result of the section 4.13 other election conducted as a postal vote on Saturday 17 October 2020 is as follows:

Ward Position


Votes Term of Office




16 October 2021

BUTSON, Lorraine


PITT, Telona






JACOB, Gloria




SILCOCK, Gary (Gazza)






Total Valid Votes


Informal Votes


Total Votes

Ward Position


Votes Term of Office
District 8 Councillors



SWART, Riaan


CLUNE, David




884 21 October 2023


794 16 October 2021




COLES, Renae


21 October 2023





21 October 2023

BUTSON, Lorraine


GRAY, Caiden








KEW MING, Lewis (China)


16 October 2021





21 October 2023



TAVO, Lincoln




16 October 2021



JACOB, Gloria



839 16 October 2021

Total Valid Votes


Informal Votes


Total Votes


Peter Thomas Carter is elected as Mayor for the Town of Port Hedland and will hold office until 16 October 2021

Hans Elmar Zielke, Renae Coles, Janet Margaret Gillingham and Warren Leonard McDonogh are elected as Councillors for the Town of Port Hedland and will hold office until 21 October 2023

Eva Monica Bartho, Lewis Kew Ming, Timothy John Turner and Kylie Unkovich are elected as Councillors for the Town of Port Hedland and will hold office until 16 October 2021

Lyn Cavanagh


Register of Electoral Gifts

Part 5A of the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997 requires both candidates and donors to disclose information about any electoral related gift with a value of $200 or more that was given or promised during the disclosure period – Click here [20kb] to download a copy of 'LG 9A Disclosure of Gifts' form.

The Chief Executive Officer is required to establish and maintain an Electoral Gift Register. This statutory Gift Register is  maintained digitally as well as in hard-copy and can be viewed online and/or by appointment at the Civic Centre, 13 McGregor Street, Port Hedland, during normal business hours.

For more information, please contact Angelique Cook, Senior Governance Advisor on (08) 9158 9300 or via email at acook@porthedland.wa.gov.au

Extract from the Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997:

Regulation 30G. Register –

  1. The CEO is to establish and maintain an electoral gift register.
  2. The CEO is to ensure that all ‘disclosure of gifts’ forms completed by candidates and donors and received by the CEO are placed on the electoral gift register –
    1. upon receipt by the CEO; and
    2. in a manner that clearly identifies and distinguishes the forms relating to each candidate.
  3. When the period under regulation 30C has concluded in relation to any election, the CEO is to remove any ‘disclosure of gifts’ forms relating to an unsuccessful candidate from the electoral gift register, and retain those forms separately for a period of at least 2 years.
  4. When a successful candidate completes the term of office resulting from an election, the CEO is to remove any ‘disclosure of gifts’ forms relating to that person for that election from the electoral gift register, and retain those forms separately for a period of at least 2 years.
[Regulation 30G inserted as regulation 30H in Gazette 20 Nov 1998 p. 6276; renumbered as regulation 30G in Gazette 22 Dec 1998 p. 6869; 14 Aug 2009 p. 3219]

For more information about gifts and contributions visit www.dlgc.wa.gov.au

Candidate Profiles

Nominating for Mayor

Peter Carter

"Hi my name is Peter Carter I have lived in Port Hedland for 13 years now, business owner of
Pilbara Photographics

Founder of Pilbara Airlines, President of the Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce 2018/19
and still on the Board as a Committee Member

Port of Port Hedland Community Consultation Committee...current

BHP Stakeholder Engagement Group...current

Councillor at the Town of Port Hedland 2018/2019 - Resigned: I Resigned last year as a
Councillor because the Council was so DIVIDED and Dysfunctional.... so now I have put
together a fantastic team of 8 people to move Port Hedland Forward....The Mayor is only as
good as the team behind him, so lets make this work... for the first TIME we will have a
united COUNCIL for the good of the Community & Port Hedland

I looking forward to working with a united council & serving our Community

Thank you

for your support

Mobile: 0458 093 440

Lorraine Butson

"I have lived in Port Hedland for 53 years. I attended primary school and was the first student
intake to commence studying at HSHS.

I started my nursing career at PHRH in 1977 where I am still currently nursing today. I also
work alongside my daughter at Creations by Amber Rose Florist.

I served on council between 2013-15 where I obtained my knowledge in all aspects of local
government and was part of positive decision making for the progress of our town.

As Mayor, my vision for TOPH Council:

The establishment of a new retirement village and improved mental health services.

Continuing the upgrading of our sporting and recreational facilities.

Securing future funding from both State and Federal Governments to assist with programs
towards training our youth and supporting small businesses.

Port Hedland deserves to become a vibrant community and be recognized as the "Engine
Room of Australia".

Work: 9172 2587
Postal Address: 50 Greene Place SOUTH HEDLAND 6722
Email: ent4904a@interfloraflorist.com.au

Telona Pitt

"I have lived in Port Hedland for the last 13 years but have always considered Hedland to be
a home because of my Aboriginal heritage as a Kariyarra and Ngarluma woman. I am
concerned about our community not being able to have their voices heard at such a pivotal
moment of planning the Town's future.

If you elect me as your new Mayor I will be committed to -
1. Advocate Stakeholders and State Government in the communities best interest
2. Policy and Procurement reform - Put local businesses first
3. Advocate for a much needed Mental Health facility
4. Investigate ways the Town can support local businesses
5. Recycling facilities
6. Rate reduction
7. Heritage protection

I strongly believe the Port Hedland community should be treated with the respect it deserves
and am willing to achieve the best outcomes possible in all areas on their behalf. Thank you.
Mobile: 0427 750 500

Email: telonapitt@hotmail.com

George Daccache

"Dear Electors and Community Members of South and Port Hedland, As a resident of our
Town for 47 years, and a long time ratepayer, I believe that being your elected Councillor for
14 years stands me in good stead to be your Mayor.

I am determined that rates paid should be used for the good of the whole Town, such as
sport infrastructure, roads, lighting, pathways etc.

Negotiating with Bunnings to have their store in our Town will be pursued. Our Retirement
Village rebuild needs immediate attention.

We need to assist small businesses to acquire Council work where possible and for large
companies to help our Town progress in the future, with monies or in-kind donations.

I am also determined that our senior and junior sports have the best possible facilities to
enjoy their sport.

Your vote for me being Mayor counts!

Mobile: 0417 942 611
Postal Address: 26 Dempster Street PORT HEDLAND 6721
Email: georgedaccache8@gmail.com

Louise Newbery

“I am a local, have raised my children here and run my business’s here. I am fiercely proud of
Port Hedland and understand life in the Pilbara as a resident, business owner and
community member. I will put these interests front and foremost when voted Mayor.

I am proud to be fighting for our community and I was instrumental in highlighting the former
mismanagement of the Council and holding those responsible to account through the inquiry
and council’s suspension.

I stand for; Sustainable development of Port Hedland; Protection and advancement of our
regional way of life; Recognising and enhancing our multicultural community; Less FIFO,
more local based residents; Greater youth engagement; Greater focus on buying local and
supporting local; Efficient administration of local government.

I commit to delivering; Common sense decisions; Good governance and transparency in
decision making; An approachable council that works for our community

Vote Newbery for Mayor!

Mobile: 0458 141 974
Email: newberyformayorPH@gmail.com

Gloria Jacob

"I have lived in Hedland for 38 years, my 2 children were born here and I owned and operated
the local hardware business for 30 years. I am extremely passionate about our town and
genuinely care for its community. Now more than ever I believe it crucial the Town of Port
Hedland is represented by a conscientious Mayor who is open and honest, well informed,
inclusive, and has strong connections with community.I will work hard on:

1. Collaborating with Local Oganisations, Schools and Industry to attract State and
Federal government funding
2. Reducing rates and stimulate initiatives for affordable family living.
3. Creating incentives to attract new businesses and their families and grow existing
I understand and respect the expectations of leadership and will work closely with
Councillors and staff to cut red tape, deliver projects that are responsibly funded, consistent
with our community's priorities and promote and enhance our vibrant town.
Mobile: 0417 902 717
Email: gaj6721@gmail.com
Social Network Address: https://www.facebook.com/GloriaJacobforMayor2020

Barry Taylor

"My name is Barry Taylor, born and raised in Port Hedland. I currently reside with my family
on our rural property some 20 kilometres north of Port Hedland.

I am nominating for the Mayor of Port Hedland to represent the interests of the community in
the Town of Port Hedland, and to provide much needed leadership in what has been a very
dysfunctional and often at times a divisive Council.

I will bring new energy, policies and most importantly bring back credibility to the local
government of this town, by being an effective Mayor and to ensure the needs and views of
the people of this town are represented.

I am a local Hedland person who has strong traditional and cultural ties to the Pilbara. I bring
30 years experience in the area of Aboriginal Affairs and 18 years in the Mining Industry.

Mobile: 0438 954 458

Postal Address: P.O. Box 2311 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722
Email: barrytaylor466@gmail.com

Gary Silcock (Gazza)

"As your Mayor I would like to achieve the following.

Improve Senior & Age care facility & services.

Maintain rates at an affordable level while still providing services.
Look to upgrading Education Facilities for higher achievers to stay here (NOT boarding

Lead further development of the arts and culture in our community.

See the completion of all the great initiatives & projects already proposed by the
Commissioner & Town Council (Sports Precinct, Spoilbank Project, Age Care Facility
,Childcare Support Service).

Work closely with local Police to curb anti-social behaviour in our towns & help the kids find a
better way forward.

Maintain an open and honest Shire Council for all to see with an open door.

Also keep the shire on a even keel financially with good forward planning for our future
residents & kids.

Cheers Gazza. God Bless and May the Best Person Win.

Mobile: 0429 608 196
Postal Address: PO Box 1159 PORT HEDLAND 6721
Email: gazzass@icloud.com

Mick Anich

My aim is to lead the local shire towards bio diesel (palm oil) and electric vehicles. Bill Gates
is predicting that as the future and it will be job creating, more shade, cleaner and greener.
Hopefully young and old will endorse it. I will encourage Wodgina lithium mine to reopen and
the push to start manufacturing batteries locally. I am prepared to listen to anyone and roll
the sleeves up and help.

Email: ichanich2006@yahoo.com.au

Janet Gillingham

"Port Hedland has been my family home for 35 Years. I have raised and educated my
children who now work here, and like you, they are passionate about our vibrant town.

As a long serving community member, Town Councillor, and Teacher of Music on the
"School of the Air", I know first-hand the needs and demands of families and their children, in
what is the powerhouse of our great state.

As Mayor my priority would be to provide a strong voice for our community, in seeking and
delivering clear, independent leadership and a united and committed council focused on our
region's needs, driving a future vision for Port Hedland as the Jewel in the Crown of the

Port Hedland and the Pilbara have given me, my children and family everything. I see it is
now the right time for me to give something back.

Mobile: 0407 991 227
Email: kucerova@westnet.com.au
Social Network Address: JanetGillingham/Facebook

Nominating for Councillor

TK Rivera

"I am married with three children aged 8, 10 & 12 and live in South Hedland. I work as a Civil
Engineer for small business based in Port Hedland.

My wife also works in Port Hedland at the pharmacy. I lived and worked in the Pilbara from
2006 until 2013. We moved back here recently and are enjoying reconnecting with old
friends and workmates.

I am a strong believer in living in the community where you work. I am enthusiastic about
local government, beginning my career in local government in 1990. Before moving here, I
was Infrastructure Director for a large regional council in western New South Wales for four

I am sensitive to the problems faced by small business and working parents in the
community. I believe community, government and industry can work closely to make sure the
Town of Port Hedland is a vibrant place to live!

Mobile: 0428 544 777
Postal Address: PO Box 3210 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722
Email: tekohirivera@yahoo.com.au
Social Network Address: facebook.com/tekohirivera

Riaan Swart

"I'm Riaan Swart 40 years old born in South Africa and proud to call Australia home for last 12
years. I have been a Full Time Resident in Port Hedland for last 6 years. I work for
Wilhelmsen Ships Service and been in Maritime sector now for 20 years.

Mobile: 0427 003 630

David Clune

"Hi I am David Clune, I have lived in Port Hedland for 13 years, working in the mining for most
of that time.

I am now a business owner operating a local training company, Grace Training, and have
been operating this business for the last 15 months working closely with numerous local
businesses along with BHP & FMG.

I am looking forward to working with a council that is united and that is interested in moving
the Town of Port Hedland forward in a positive future.

Mobile 0418727598
Mobile: 0418 727 598
Postal Address: 23 Somerset Crescent SOUTH HEDLAND 6722
Email: info@gracetrainingwa.com

Andy Barrow

"I seek the privilege to be elected as your trusted Councillor guided by an ‘expect more’ ethos.
Every Hedland resident should expect more from Council to continue to drive improvements
to the standard of living and enhance prosperity across our Community. Having a young
family means I’m extremely passionate to lead change that improves the town’s livability.

Initially an engineer with the Royal Australian Air Force and now in my fourteenth year as a
senior mining leader, currently with Fortescue, I have real world experience to influence the
progressive change you deserve.

I will use my multi-industry experience to ensure the towns industry representatives better
collaborate with our schools and learning institutions to identify and retain the diverse talent
within the Community.

With fresh eyes, commitment to economic progress, family first principles, collaboration with
the Aboriginal community and supporting all levels of business, I will deliver the results you

Email: abarrow@fmgl.com.au

EImar Zielke

"My name is Elmar Zielke, my wife and I have called Hedland home for the past 24 years.
Both our children were born and raised in the Hedland Community. Throughout our time in
Hedland, we have been local business owners and avid community members, we love this
community and want to see it thrive!

I stand for making Hedland more liveable by improving the infrastructure (eg: a new
Arts/Entertainment Precinct), moving to developing the local labour force for better mental
and family health. We need to develop a strong focus on local businesses and infrastructure
to make this town a place that families want to live, work and play!

A united council can make that happen. I am here to listen and look forward to being your
voice for our Town.

I ask for your vote this election

Mobile: 0477 064 604

Eva Bartho

"My husband and I have lived in Port Hedland for over 12 years and proudly call it home. I
work at Main Roads WA as a Business Services Coordinator, and have been volunteering at
Port Hedland Game Fishing Club in the roles of Secretary and Treasurer for several years. I
want to see the town move forward and rather than sitting back and waiting for it to happen, I
would like contribute actively and participate in the process. I strongly believe that a fresh
team is what our Shire needs and that it will have to work as a cohesive unit to achieve what
is best for the town and its community.

Postal Address: PO Box 2519 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722

George Daccache

"Dear Electors and Community Members of South and Port Hedland, as a resident of 47
years and ratepayer, I once again nominate to be a Councillor for our Town.

As an experienced elected Councillor with 14 years’ service, I know I can give guidance and
advice to new Councillors to assist them in making the best decisions that would benefit our

I will be one of nine elected members to make sure that proposals submitted to Council by
the CEO and staff are for the benefit of our Town, for now and our future.

I am determined that rates paid should be used for the good of the whole Town, such as
sport infrastructure, roads, lighting, pathways etc.

A vote for me will ensure that we make our Town successful where people want to work, live,
play and stay.

Your vote for me as a Councillor counts!

Mobile: 0417 942 611
Postal Address: 26 Dempster Street PORT HEDLAND 6721
Email: georgedaccache8@gmail.com

Ron Attwood

"I am a married man who was born in Port Hedland, and have lived here all my life.

I have a Bachelor's degree of Applied Science in Community Management & Development
(Curtin University), and a Certificate 4 in Corporate Management.

I have extensive experience in public management, including Chairperson/Commissioner of
the WA Aboriginal Housing Board, Director of an Aboriginal Corporation, Vice Chairperson of
Port Hedland Ratepayers' Association, Director of the Pilbara Social Justice Committee, and
Chair of the Pilbara Education Committee.

My objective in being your councillor is to improve the transparency of Local Government
procedures, reduce duplication of services and encourage more participation by the
community in the Shire planning processes.

As a local, qualified and committed person with integrity, I need your vote so I can represent
you on Council.

Email: ron.attwood@outlook.com

Renae Coles

"I'm a business owner, home occupier and retail worker.

Port Hedland has been my home on and off for 28 years of my life. Having completing
majority of my primary school years at South Hedland Primary School, sadly I had to leave.
When I met my husband I knew that we would call Hedland home again. Moving back to
Hedland as a young mum with two young children, giving birth to the third at the old Port
Hedland Hospital, I understand what young families may go through. I have seen the highs
and the lows, but, Hedland itself has never given up nor the people who live here. Hedland
has given my family a wonderful life, now its time I give back to Hedland. Let me be your
voice, I care about your ideas, interests and thoughts. Your vote can make a difference and
it's yours freely to do so.

Postal Address: 58 Greene Place SOUTH HEDLAND 6722

Peter Wilden

"Hello, I have called Hedland home for over 14 years with my wife Ricki and our 2 adult
children. Our family live, love and support the Pilbara region, community and lifestyle.

I have decided to nominate for Council due to my passion for this community and desire to
see Hedland prosper and develop into a thriving and progressive regional city.

As your Council Member I will actively listen to what the community want, promote
community consultation, provide transparency, respectfully stand united with fellow Council
Members, follow my personal values and stand up for what is right and give back where I

I possess strong business and leadership skills, qualifications in Business Management &
Governance with experience in Local Government as an employee for over 19 years. I
believe that my skillset, experience and local knowledge will be beneficial to enabling and
leading our Community into a flourishing future.

Mobile: 0407 988 770
Postal Address: POBox 2294 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722
Email: paringal7@bigpond.com

Janet Gillingham

"Port Hedland has been my family home for 35 years. I have raised a son and daughter who
now work here and who respect and appreciate their opportunities, and like me and you,
they are passionate about our vibrant town.

As a long serving community member, Town Councillor and Teacher of Music on the "School
of the Air, I understand the needs of families and their children throughout our region.

I am proud of my awards and achievements. I have been honoured with: Port Hedland
Community Award (2013), WA Local Government Association Merit Award (2013), Pilbara
Music Festival Life Membership (2014) and more recently, Community Citizen of the Year
Award, WA, Australia Day, (2020), recognizing outstanding community contribution in our

Port Hedland and the Pilbara have given me, my children and family everything. I see it is
now the right time for me to give something back.

Mobile: 0407 991 227
Email: kucerova@westnet.com.au
Social Network Address: JanetGillingham/Facebook

Lorraine Butson

"I have been part of the Port Hedland community for the past 53 Years.

I have owned my floristry business and now work alongside my daughter at the Creations by
Amber Rose.

I am an enrolled nurse at Hedland Health Campus where my career began in 1977.

I believe Port Hedland should be a vibrant regional centre where education, health, job
opportunities and apprenticeships need more support to sustain employment and growth
within our community.

Having previously served on council 2013-15, I have gained much knowledge in local
government and strive to work with a new council and Mayor for the betterment of our town.

I look forward to working together with key stakeholders, and a united council, to ensure that
future projects will come to fruition.

Port Hedland is the powerhouse of the Pilbara and the engine room of Australia.

Work: 9172 2587
Postal Address: 50 Greene Place SOUTH HEDLAND 6722
Email: ent4904a@interfloraflorist.com.au
Social Network Address: facebook.com/Lorrainebutson

Caiden Gray

"I believe Hedland should be a regional centre with great opportunities. A place which builds
on its great community spirit and to be known for having outstanding facilities, services and
amenities. Attracting people to live, work and grow with their family.

The high priority issues that people raise with me are law & order, health, education and job
security. I will work with the Council to lobby for more investment in all our schools, TAFE
and child care. Supporting the Police in addressing community safety and advocating for
additional police, doctors and other health professionals.

Plan for the town's growth by promoting small business development, "buy local" policy and
supporting residential based workforce. Community engagement and respect is vital and I
will work with sporting and community groups on renewing aging facilities.

To support this vision and to be your independent and professional voice on council, I need
your vote.

Mobile: 0412 268 801
Email: caiden.gray@outlook.com
Social Network Address: facebook.com/Gray4TOPH

Marie-Anne Wilkinson

"I love living in Port Hedland and I’m an active participant in the local community.

My work as a business owner, and in government and non-government sectors,
has given me deep understanding of the many challenges and strengths in our

As a Clinical Psychologist, I know how to really listen, and I would embrace the
opportunity to serve you as a councillor.

I am currently an NGO manager and I serve on several boards, bringing my diverse
skills to the role.

I believe in open and transparent communication and governance, that everyone’s
needs, and views are important.

I am passionate about greater community cohesion and looking after the most
vulnerable members of our community.

I’m very keen to improve access to wider childcare, education and recreational
opportunities. I am also passionate about the environment.

I believe that addressing these issues will contribute to a safer and more
harmonious community.

Mobile: 0407 242 247
Postal Address: 47 Kingsmill Street PORT HEDLAND (WA) 6721
Email: mahawk@hotmail.com

Garth Armstrong

"My name is Garth Armstrong, my wife Joanne and I moved to Port Hedland in 2012
purchasing our own home here shortly after. I work for Odyssey Marine and have had
various roles in the Maritime and Emergency Services sectors for over 30 years. I am also an
active member of the Port Hedland Volunteer Marine Rescue Group.

Red tape and cost increases of all types are concerning to businesses and individuals alike,
if elected, I would seek ways to reduce them.

Development must be appropriate and sustainable. Environment protected, rates kept
affordable and our vibrant community supported and involved.

The Town, while needing to explore all avenues for growth, should not loose sight of the core
functions of roads, rates and rubbish.

If elected I will actively contribute to sensible decision making on behalf of you - the residents
of Port Hedland.

I ask for your vote.

Postal Address: PO Box 161 Port Hedland 6721

Troy Melville

Are you seeking a community minded experienced candidate, who pursues long term
outcomes for the whole of our diverse electorate??

Me too!!

With approximately 10 years involved with senior football clubs in the Pilbara as well as 5
year involvement as Club Steward / Committee man with the Port Hedland Turf Club, I'm
very proud of the contribution and success these clubs have achieved. Being able to make a
small contribution in combination with other dedicated people has been very humbling and

I also bring the experience and understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our local
council, having served a full term from 2013 - 2017 including 11 months as Deputy Mayor.

With a respectful yet assertive approach, I passionately believe we can start fulfilling the
potential of our Town in the Pilbara.

Mobile: 0408 351 808
Email: trojan8@rocketmail.com

Lewis Kew Ming (China)

"My name is Lewis Kew Ming. Hedland locals know me better as "China".

I have lived in Port Hedland for 25 years, and have experience working throughout the
Pilbara. My passion for helping the community has given me a good knowledge of what the
people of Port Hedland need.

I have always helped the people of my community, young and old, with particular interest in
helping youth, families and indigenous groups through sporting activities at my gym, which I
run voluntarily and was subsequently awarded Port Hedland's "Volunteer Person of the
Year" in 2015.

I have been employed at Hedland Health Campus for the past ten years, and have a good
relationship with the elderly patients.

On Council I would like to be the people's voice, put forward their needs and make a real
difference to the community, because my life's purpose has always been to help others.

Mobile: 0456 685 940
Postal Address: 109B Sutherland Street COOK POINT 6721

Raewyn Armstrong

"I've lived in the Pilbara for 16 years with my husband, Wangkumara man from Queensland.
We raised our sons in Newman and Hedland, now we have 4 grandkids. We are a Pilbara
family, proud to call Hedland our home.

I am passionate about our community, fighting for the disadvantaged - whether they're local
businesses trying to contribute or advocating for those with a disability. I have been an
ambassador for SMA and have worked to raise awareness of this illness. I will bring this
determination to council if elected. I understand the struggle of owner operated businesses
having successfully run my own in Newman, where I was an active member of the Chamber
of Commerce.

We loved raising our kids in this amazing cultural mix that is Port Hedland. I believe strongly
in community and will represent the families and unheard community members who need a
strong voice in council!

Postal Address: PO Box 424 PORT HEDLAND 6721
Email: raewyn.armstrong@bigpond.com

Warren McDonogh

"Why vote for me?

As a long term resident and active member of our community, with children at HSHS.

I commit to you:

To ensure a safe, clean and energised town, maximising opportunities for our youth and

To bring quality, composed dependable leadership, ability to consult and listen, vigorously
advocate on behalf of the community and our stakeholders on the critical issues, whether
positive or negative, affecting our Town and amenity.

To increase participation in local sporting groups and volunteering, making it easier for clubs
and community events to grow and thrive.

To grow our innovative and diverse local economy, through home-based businesses, micro
business and small business, which is extensive in Port Hedland, due to the creativity and
passion of our friends, neighbours and emerging entrepreneurs.

With my small business and local government experience, I know we can achieve better

Collaboration. Innovation. Integrity.

Mobile: 0414 773 351
Email: warren.mcdonogh@gmail.com
Social Network Address: fb.me/voteforwarrenporthedland

Dean Davis

"Your candidate for Port Hedland

A vote for Dean is a vote for independence and integrity.

I am 51 years of age, married to Julie with nine children. Growing up in remote regions of
Australia and living in the Pilbara for the last 8 years has provided a “life experience” of the
first-hand dilemmas we all face with remote living.

I am a small business owner and a strong supporter of local business, having a live where
you work philosophy.

Commitment to Port Hedland has seen me stand for People before profit solutions that
benefit all. Successfully seeing in a Needle Syringe Exchange Program that has seen
tremendous improvements in the safety and cleanlinesses of our community from people
who abuse illegal drugs.

I am eager to support transparent and accountable government – giving residents and
ratepayers an opportunity to be part of positive change.

Mobile: 0418 785 092
Postal Address: 2 Lovell Way South Hedland SOUTH HEDLAND 6722

Lincoln Tavo

"Hedland has been a great place to live and to raise my family, I have lived in Port Hedland
for over 45yrs, I love the Hedland lifestyle and want to give back to the Hedland community

Key areas that I believe need to be addressed ‘For a better Hedland’ is council transparency,
accountability, youth programs along with sustainable improvement for local businesses.
Decisions should made for the long term benefit of Hedland and all residents, this will always
be my focus.

I am a long term local that would like to represent the needs of the Hedland community for
the benefit of all residents, I believe together, we can make Hedland an even better place to

Postal Address: PO BOX 2818 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722

Tim Turner

"As a candidate for TOPH CouncilIor I want to reach out to families and encourage them to
have the same confidence my family and I had when we called Port Hedland home in 2007.

Fast forward 14years later, after raising 3 children, Port Hedland now deserves a united
leadership team that has a commitment to listen to it's residents, take action with strategic
intent, and work alongside our business and community partners achieving shared outcomes
that benefit our community.

I am committed to the following:

Outcome driven service delivery and sustainable social infrastructure that improves the
town's attraction for children, young people, and families in Hedland.

Improving affordability and securing greater efficiencies for rate payers living in Port Hedland.

Promoting, in a new COVID economy, a "LIVE WHERE YOU WORK" pro-business
environment that will be essential for the long term safety of residents and sustainability for
Port Hedland.

Mobile: 0418 683 771
Postal Address: 128 Kennedy Street SOUTH HEDLAND 6722

Vasilios Theodorakopoulos

"I am an individual who has lived and worked in Hedland over the last 12 years in the Mining
and Major resource sector.

My industry experience and Personal interest is in communicating between different groups,
analysing concerns and voicing issues to bring forward solutions.

I’ve not only taken on the leadership role in my career, I’ve developed my leadership skills
from a young age in my upbringing. I’ve always had a strong sense in doing the right thing
and I feel as a member of the community it’s important to contribute to the towns overall

As a councillor I know it’s important to be approachable and open minded to addressing
everyone’s concerns and my focus will be to responsibly serve the town of Port Hedland and
our wider community.

Mobile: 0498 073 255
Postal Address: PO BOX 3002 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722

Gloria Jacob

"I am extremely passionate about Port Hedland and its community. It’s been my home for
over 38 years. My two children were born here and I owned and operated the local hardware
store for 30 years. I previously served on Council from 2011-2015, 2 years as Deputy Mayor.

I am committed to working alongside my fellow Councillors and staff to advance the needs of
our community, positively promote the many opportunities and contribute to the sustainable
growth of our vibrant town.

I will work with Council to:

1. keep rates low;
2. encourage small business and developers through innovative planning solutions;
3. support more childcare options;
4. deliver amenity and more events for youth, young adults and families;
5. promote our lifestyle, history, cultures and opportunities to attract new residents;
6. clean and green our environment;
7. foster a one town for all community value.
A vote for me is a vote for a better Port Hedland.
Mobile: 0417 902 717
Email: gaj6721@gmail.com
Social Network Address: https://www.facebook.com/GloriaJacobforMayor2020

Kylie Unkovich

"I was the common "only for 2 years" kind of gal. However, due to Port Hedland's uniqueness
that has ingrained itself into our souls here I am 11 years later, still loving this place and
equally enjoying teaching at our local primary schools. My husband and I have raised our
family in the sun, heat, cyclones and red dust of Hedland and would not have changed it for
the world. In my opinion, the opportunities that Hedland has to offer is second to none. The
future of Hedland is important to me and as a fresh set of eyes, ears and ideas, I believe with
my experience working with community groups, businesses, and my "get things done" kind
of personality, I can assist the Town of Port Hedland build towards a brighter future where
everyone wants to be, ensuring that community perspectives are heard and considered.

Postal Address: PO Box 2715 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722
Email: kylieunkovich@outlook.com

Useful Links:

Local Government Elections - Election Sign Guidelines

When can I install election signs?

  • Election signs can be erected the day after the nomination period closes. For 2020, this date is Friday 11 September 2020.
  • Signs must be removed within 7 days of the election. This is Saturday 24 October 2020.

Where can I install election signs?

  • You can place election signs on private property, provided that you obtain approval from the owner of the property first.
  • Election signs must not be placed on any Local Government owned property / fences / buildings/ parks etc. Examples are: Civic Centre, Depot, JD Hardie, Libraries, Aquatic Centres and the Wanangkura Stadium.
  • Election signs must not obstruct or encroach a public thoroughfare or endanger the public in any way.
  • Each sign must be erected using its own stake or picket. Signs must not be placed on any existing sign infrastructure.
  • Election signs cannot be placed within 50m of an intersection/ roundabout/ traffic sign or traffic island.
  • Elections signs must be no closer than 3.5m from the trafficable path of vehicles.

How big can election signs be?

  • Election signs cannot exceed 0.75m2 in area

Do I need approval to erect an election sign?

  • Election signs are exempt from planning approval.

What must be on the election sign?

  • The name and address of the person authorising the sign
  • The name and place of business of the printer of the sign
  • Signs must not contain any purported representation of a ballot paper
  • Signs must not contain any misleading or deceptive imagery or material


What do I do if I see an election sign in breach of these guidelines?

  • Call the Town of Port Hedland on (08) 9158 9300 and tell us the location.

The above guidelines are based on information contained within the following documents: