The Town of Port Hedland local government elections are held every two years, on the third Saturday in October. The Mayor and eight (8) Councillors are each elected for four-year terms, with half of the elected members being elected every biennial election.

Local government elections play an important role in our democratic system and are an excellent opportunity for people to contribute to, and be involved in their local community.

2022 Extraordinary Election

The Town is held an Extraordinary Election on Friday 20 May 2022 to fill one vacant position for Councillor.

A ballot draw was held at 4:30pm Wednesday 13 April 2022 to determine the order in which candidates will appear on the ballot. 

Ballot papers were mailed to enrolled address. 

Counting of the ballots occurred in the Civic Centre's Gratwick Hall on Friday 20 May 2022. 


  • KELLER, Jason: 524
  • JACOB, Gloria: 363
  • BUTSON, Lorraine: 262
  • FISHER, Jillian: 174
  • DACCACHE, George: 151
  • RIVERA, TK: 219
  • Informal: 26
  • Total: 1719

candidates for the extraordinary election

Please be advised that candidates are displayed in receiving order.

JACOB, Gloria

Hedland deserves an experienced and passionate Councillor, one who is community focused, will UNITE and POSITIVELY PROMOTE our Town. I served as Councillor and Deputy Mayor 2011-15 and operated local business for 30 years. I believe I have the skillset to contribute effectively on Council.

Having lived in Port Hedland for 39 years, I am eager to work with the Mayor and Councillors to improve LIVEABILITY, and build a framework to make Hedland APPEALING for INVESTMENT and a SAFER town for our families.

I stand for the betterment of our community, will work to build POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS between the Town, KEY STAKEHOLDERS and INVESTORS. Community safety, housing, childcare, education, youth and family amenity need to remain Council priorities. I am committed to working for a BETTER HEDLAND.

Mobile: 0417 902 717
Postal Address: 76 Sutherland St PORT HEDLAND 6721
Email: gaj6721@gmail.com
Social Network Address: @GloriaJacobforCouncil


Independent Candidate for Councillor

Hello again. Through this by-election, I seek your support to join the Council at the Town of Port Hedland.

My family and I moved back to the Pilbara in 2020. We previously lived in the region from 2006 until 2013.

If elected, I pledge myself to the service of the community by bringing my twelve years’ experience in local government in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. This has been gained over a thirty plus year career as a professional engineer.

Over that time I have worked for hard dollar civil contractors in the mining and oil & gas industry as well as main roads departments in State Government.

Currently I work for a growing engineering consultancy based in Port Hedland and my family live in South Hedland.

Vote for TK Rivera 2022!

Home: 9140 2224
Mobile: 0428 544 777
Postal Address: PO Box 3210 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722
Email: tekohirivera@yahoo.com.au
Social Network Address: https://www.facebook.com/tekohirivera

BUTSON, Lorraine

I came to Port Hedland as a 7-year-old. I am currently an enrolled nurse at Hedland Health Campus where I have nursed for 45 years.

Our town faces many issues which I am continually seeing on a daily basis:

Mental Health, youth and, crime, shortage of child care, affordable housing, more
accommodation for everyone, and a retirement village for our senior residents. Our
governments, together with our council, need to be proactive in addressing all these issues
as we have been waiting too long and we need to move forward.

The Pilbara has kept Australia's economy afloat during covid.

I will be your voice on council, as it is time for our town to receive more support during these
difficult times.

Working together we can aim to achieve better outcomes for all who live and work in our

Mobile: 0472 517 727
Email: ent4904a@interfloraflorist.com.au
Social Network Address: 50 Greene place


Lived in Port Hedland for 49 years and a long-term ratepayer. I am employed at Containers For Change in Wedgefield. I am running for the position as your Councillor, as I know I can add value to the current Council and I will get more done for our town, where people want to work, live, play and stay.

Aged Care facilities will be my main issue, as your Councillor.

Simple issues like bus shelters, drain clearing and cleaning up of our Town, especially Wedgefield, will also be on my agenda.

From my allowance, I'll give monetary support to groups like Care For Hedland, SAFE, St John Ambulance, RFDS and SES.

I will also financially support junior sports like Auskick, Soccer, BMX, Tee-Ball and more.

I need your vote as your elected Councillor to achieve all the above.

Your choice, make it count!

Mobile: 0417 942 611
Postal Address: 26 Dempster Street PORT HEDLAND 6721
Email: georgedaccache8@gmail.com


My name is Jason Keller and i am seeking your support for the privilege to serve the community on Council. For nearly a decade I was a FIFO worker but with the support of my
wife and two children we chose to relocate our family from Sydney and make a permanent home in Hedland.

Hedland is a great community and a town of opportunity. I have thrown myself into multiple roles from a manager and volunteer on a school board and sporting clubs. Hedland is not without its challenges and it is my belief that Hedland is ten years behind where it needs to be. With your support we will tackle some of the big issues including childcare, youth crime, public anti-social drinking and housing for both young and old. I will bring integrity and transparency to all of my dealings on council.

Postal Address: Suite 2127 31 Throssell road SOUTH HEDLAND 6722

FISHER, Jillian

Over the last 8 years I have grown to enjoy this town’s vibe as a “land of opportunity” and join its great, inclusive and generous community working towards, and taking advantage of, this boomtime environment.

Despite the fact that Port Hedland families have virtually supported the Australian economy throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our loyal workers have been rewarded with this continual “no jab, no job” rat wheel that threatens their health and negates any power they have over their own bodies and futures of their families. It is affecting also our businesses, our volunteers and our mental health.

Mandates are only one issue that restricts our community from its potential. Working together we can restore and grow our town to be the Port Hedland that we want it to be.

Postal Address: PO Box 2717 SOUTH HEDLAND 6722