Town of Port Hedland Council Policies

To view the Combined Policy Manual, click here. Alternatively, each policy is listed individually below:


1/008 Vandalism - Reward for Conviction

1/009 Legal Representation for Council Members and Employees

1/010 Flying of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flags

1/011 Queens Birthday Holiday

1/014 Execution of Documents and Application of the Common Seal

1/015 Recording of Council and Committee Meetings

1/016 Workplace Health and Safety

1/017 Order of Business for Council and Committee Meetings

1/018 Public Agenda Briefings

1/019 Confidential Briefings

1/020 Honorary Freeman 

1/021 Relationship Declaration Register

1/022 Risk Management

1/023 Whistleblower

1/024 Fraud and Corruption

1/025 Media and Communications

1/026 Feedback, Complaints and Suggestions

1/027 Severance Payments

1/028 Related Party Disclosures


2/004 Rating

2/005 Debt Management

2/007 Purchasing

2/010 Council Investments

2/015 Notice of Discontinuance (Rates and Debtors)

2/016 Regional Price Preference

2/017 Grant Funding (External)

2/018 Borrowings

2/019 Financial Reserves

2/020 Corporate Credit Cards

2/022 Panels of Pre-Qualified Suppliers


3/003 Subsidies and Allowances

3/007 Senior Employees and Acting Chief Executive Officer

3/019 CEO Performance Review

3/024 Recognition of Emergency Service Volunteer Work

Elected Members

4/006 Elections - Caretaker Period

4/007 Elected Member Representation

4/008 Elected Member Entitlements

4/009 Significant Decision Making

4/010 Elected Member Travel and Training


6/003 Community Grants Program

6/006 Consumption of Alcohol

6/010 Recreation Reserves and Facilities - Seasonal Hire

6/011 Recreation Reserves and Parks - Casual Hire and Events

6/012 Naming of Parks, Reserves, Bridges and Buildings


7/002 Acquisition and Management of Artworks

7/004 Cultural Affirmation

Community Services

8/002 Public Art

8/003 Access and Inclusion

8/004 Community Leasing


9/004 Pre-Cyclone Green Waste Collection

9/005 Vehicle Crossovers

9/006 Community Facility Name Signs

9/007 Roadside, Verge and Reserve Parking

9/009 Vehicles

9/010 Asset Management

Parks and Gardens

10/003 Landscaping

Town Planning

12/002 Offsite Car Parking

12/007 Shipping and/or Sea Containers


13/006 Permission to Camp on Private Property

13/010 Application of Bin Replacement Charges

13/012 Licensing of Funeral Directors

13/014 Trading in Public Places

13/015 Waste Collection Service Charges


15/003 CCTV Operations

Position Statements

Town of Port Hedland Customer Service Charter

Town of Port Hedland Statement of Business Ethics


Annual General Meeting of Electors (AGM) Procedure

All Town of Port Hedland documents are available to the community upon request and in alternative formats if required, including hard copy in standard and large print, electronic format, audio format on CD or USB, or via email.