Freedom of Information

What is FOI?

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 (FOI Act) gives the public the right to apply for access to information and documents held by state agencies, including local governments. If you make an application to access information, agencies are required to assist you in accessing documents at the lowest reasonable cost, and to ensure that any personal information held by the agency is up to date, accurate and complete.

Your right to apply is not affected by your reasons for wishing to obtain access to particular documents.

What kind of information I can request?

You can request any information or documents held by the agency, regardless of the format they are in; please note that some information held by the agency may already be publically available on their website, and some information may not be released due to exemptions within the FOI Act.

You can apply for access to personal information about you that is contained in agency documents, and can have this information updated if you feel that it is incorrect or inaccurate.

Documents which protect public interest, relate to information about a person other than the applicant, or detail the commercial or business affairs of an entity may not be released due to exemption. You may find that edited copies of documents are released with such information redacted.

How do I make an FOI application?

FOI Application Form (electronic)

FOI Application Form (printable)

Town of Port Hedland Information Statement

Complete the above application, and pay the required application fee of $30 if the request is for non-personal information. If you are requesting access to personal information no fee is required.

Please try and be as specific as you can in your application, if unsure please contact the Town with the contact details provided at the bottom of this page.

What happens after I lodge my application?

Once your application has been received and paid for (if required), the agency has 45 calendar days to process your application and decide whether you can have access to the requested documents. A shorter or longer time period to deal with the application may be negotiated between the agency and you.

You will be provided with a written notice of decision by the agency, including reasons for or against provision of access. If you are unhappy with this decision you have 30 days to make an application for an internal review. Internal reviews will be completed by another person in the agency who is not subordinate to the original decision maker. Internal reviews must be processed within 15 calendar days.

If you are dissatisfied with the decision following internal review, you may lodge a request for review with the Information Commissioner within 60 days of receiving the internal review decision.

Contact details for further information

For advice and further information on Freedom of Information and the types of documents held by the Town of Port Hedland, please contact the Town’s Freedom of Information Coordinator on (08) 9158 9300 or email

For general information and advice on Freedom of Information you can also contact the Office of the Information Commissioner on (08) 9220 7888 or see their website at

All Town of Port Hedland documents are available to the community upon request and in alternative formats if required, including hard copy in standard and large print, electronic format, audio format on CD or USB, or via email.