Volatile Substance Use (VSU) Incident Reporting

What is VSU?

Volatile Substance Use (VSU) is the inhalation of substances (such as solvents, gases and aerosols), which produce a vapour or gas for their intoxicating effects. It is commonly referred to as 'sniffing', 'solvent use', 'inhalant use' or 'chroming'. Inhaling or 'sniffing' volatile substances is a dangerous practice and can cause real harm and even death. 

The misuse of volatile substances is an issue that affects some communities and towns in the Pilbara regions. While it tends to come and go, the impact of even a small number of users can be significant, having devasting effects on the person using, their family and the community. 

What you can do

The best way to address this issue is for all of us to do our bit by keeping volatile substance products locked away and/or out of sight; and to report any theft of products that you notice. 
You can also provide a great service to the community by reporting any VSU that you see or know about so we can act quickly to stop it spreading through the community. 

Collecting information about VSU incidents can help us monitor trends, identify triggers, and prevent future use. Receiving detailed information about VSU incidents soon after they occur can also ensure that a quick and coordinated response is implemented. 

Reporting VSU incidents

As a local service provider or community member, if you witness or become aware of volatile substance use (VSU) in the community, you can report it by submitting a VSU incident report to the Pilbara Community Alcohol and Drug Service. 

Please see the VSU Incident Report Form

Please see the Incident and Response Flowchart 

Please share as little or as much information as you can. You can choose to remain anonymous if you wish. 

Require assistance in completing a report? Contact:

South & Port Hedland Alcohol, Other Drug and Mental Health Coordinator - Bloodwood Tree Association 

Ph: (08) 9738 3000

Email: aodadmin@bloodwoodtree.org.au

East Pilbara 

Pilbara Community Alcohol and Drug Service (PCADS) - Hope Community Services 

Ph: 6392 6470 

Email: VSUPilbara@hopecs.org.au 

For more information about volatile substance use in WA, see the Mental Health Commission's Volatile Substance Use in Western Australia website at: vsu.mhc@mhc.wa.gov.au

Alcohol and other drug support services

If you or someone you know are struggling with alcohol and/or other drugs, please see the available services below: (Make these drop-down boxes) 

HOPE Community Services 

If you, or a loved one, are experiencing an issue with alcohol or other drugs, please reach out and we can help guide you to the right service, or mix of services, for your personal situation. All our services are completely free, and our team is ready to walk with you wherever it takes us, for however long it takes, to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing 


(08) 63926470
1800 948 007 

Bloodwood Tree Association 

Services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people including sobering up centre; night patrol; homeless support; drug and alcohol counselling; workforce and career development, Aboriginal training and employment, indigenous employment program; advocacy and housing support. 

79 Hamilton Road, South Hedland WA 6722 



(08) 9738 3000
7800 282 8733

Mission Australia: 

We provide services for Family and Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Child & Youth Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling and Case Management 

3/7 Tonkin Street, South Hedland WA 6722 



08) 9774 4800
7800 005 579

Yaandina: Turner River Rehabilitation Facility 

A 24-bed facility that uses the Therapeutic Community (TC) model for treatment and addiction recovery that includes mental and physical healing This centre provides a facility in the Pilbara that allows individuals who have successfully completed a detoxification process from drugs and/or alcohol to recover from their addictions. Turner River is certified against the Standards for Therapeutic Communities in a Residential Care setting and also certified against the Standards for Culturally Secure practice. The centre is open 24 hours - 365 days a years and families are able to visit following a settling in period. Accessing the service - a referral accompanied by a medical assessment is required to access Turner River.

Referrals could be from self, community drug and alcohol services, mental health services, other community agencies. 

Lot 257 Great Northern Highway, South Hedland WA 6722 




(08) 9772 449

Hedland Health Campus: Department of Health Pilbara Mental Health and Drug Services 

We provide a high-quality community mental health and Aboriginal drug service while supporting individual residents and visitors throughout the Pilbara region and their families towards achieving meaningful recovery. 

Hedland Health Campus, 2-34 Colebatch Way, 

South Hedland WA 6722 


WA Country Health Services 

Regional Office 


08 9174 1240

08 9174 1600