Town of Port Hedland Economic Profile

We are proud to be home to world’s largest bulk exporting port. The Pilbara Ports Authority recorded a record annual tonnage of over 566.5 million tonnes from Port Hedland in 22/23. The Port of Port Hedland generated $64 billion in export value and 57% of resource exports nationally in 2021.

Home to 17,247 people, the Town of Port Hedland supports 10,985 jobs and has an Gross Regional Product estimated at $11.4 billion, representing 2.56% of the State’s Gross State Product. Mining is the largest employer, generating 3,683 local jobs in the 2020/21 financial year. Other major employment sectors include construction, transport, postal and warehousing. According to the ABS, there are 836 local businesses in town, with a burgeoning small and micro-business culture defined by innovation, tenacity and resilience.

Our role is well established on the national and international stage, attracting internationally prominent resource companies and contributing significantly to the broader Australian economy.

For the latest information on the Town of Port Hedland's economic profile please visit the Town of Port Hedland's REMPLAN economic profile or click the REMPLAN logo below.

Pilbara Economic Profile

The Pilbara region, located in northern Western Australia, accounts for 20% of the state’s total land mass. Its 507,896km² equates to two thirds of the area of New South Wales, twice the size of Victoria, and more than five times bigger than Tasmania. Approximately 60,000 people call the Pilbara home.

For the latest information on Pilbara region economic data including imports, exports, population and employment visit the Pilbara Development Commission's REMPLAN economic profile.