Unable To Pay Rates

If rates remain unpaid after the due dates for a period of 69 days, you will receive correspondence from the Town of Port Hedland’s debt collection agency, requesting full payment.

If no payment is forthcoming, or any payment arrangement entered into, legal action may commence without further notice. Once legal action commences, and a Claim has been issued through the Court, the Town of Port Hedland is able to seek judgement from the Court to seize goods or sell your property if payment is not made.

Can I enter into a special arrangement?

If you are unable to pay your rates in full or as per the instalment option offered on your rates notice, please contact the Rates Officer prior to 17 October 2018 to request a Direct Debit request form.

The Town of Port Hedland can conveniently debit your bank account by the agreed amount on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Special arrangements must be confirmed in writing and attract an administration fee. Please contact the Rates Department prior to the due date or complete a Direct Debit Request form from our website. Dishonoured payments attract a penalty fee.

2017/18 Direct Debit Incentive: To provide special relief for ratepayers, no late payment interest penalty will apply for arrangements entered into that are paid in full by the direct debit method by 30 June 2018.

Should you require further information regarding debt collection procedures, please call the Rates Section on (08) 9158 9300.