Home Energy Efficiency and Audit Kits - available to hire from the Town

Making minor changes at home can help to decrease your environmental impact, boost resilience to climate change, and save money on your energy costs. Many of these strategies are free, such as adjusting the temperature of your air conditioner and taking shorter showers. The Town have recently introduced Home Energy Audit Kits for residents to find ways to reduce water and energy use in their homes.

What is a Home Energy Audit Kit?

Home Energy Audit Kit has been developed to help residents conduct their own small-scale energy audit within the privacy of their own home and aim to assist the community in taking the first steps towards improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Why was the Home Energy Audit Kit developed?

The Home Energy Audit Kit is an initiative developed to encourage and support Councils to monitor, report on, and reduce their corporate emissions. The kit also provides information and education to the community and local businesses within the region on improving energy efficiency and other climate change-related issues.

Where do I use the most energy in my home?

The average WA home consumes approximately 17 units (kWh) of electricity per day (Synergy 2016). The chart below is a general guide to which appliances use the most electricity in an average Australian home (DEWHA 2008)

Changes in efficiency and an increase in the number of electrical goods in homes over the past few years mean that this ratio is changing here in WA, with more electricity used for appliances and less for heating and cooling.

Refrigeration makes up nearly half of the energy used by appliances. Refer to Horizon Power for more information: https://www.horizonpower.com.au/for-home/energy-saving-tips/ 

What are the benefits of using a Home Energy Audit Kit?

There are a wide range of benefits that may result from using the kit. The exact benefits will depend on your home, your personal circumstances, and the changes you make. Some of the benefits you could achieve include:

  • Improving your energy efficiency
  • Becoming more sustainable
  • Having a healthier home
  • Reducing the cost of your electricity bill
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Helping to do your part in the fight against climate change

To hire out a Home Energy Audit Kit, please contact the Town's Sustainability Advisor, Rupa Khatri via: rupa.khatri@porthedland.wa.gov.au or call 08 9158 9300