Eyes on the street


Eyes on the Street is a platform available as a website and phone application, dedicated to reporting suspicious activity and anti-social behaviour.

Generated reports are administrated by Crime Stoppers WA who then refer the information to necessary authorities and law enforcement agencies such as WA Police, for further investigation and response.

Reports can be made by industry personnel or the general community population.



Eyes on the Street is a coordinated intelligence approach, this tool is for non-urgent reports only.

If you need police attention or assistance, call 131 444 or in the case of an emergency that requires urgent action, call 000.


How to report & what information is required

  • Download application on App Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, access online reporting tool here 
  • Required information: summary of what happened, location, time, and who was involved. Further descriptions and details can be provided along with the option to upload relevant images.
  • More information here in this explainer video. 

What can be reported?

Police matters


·       Traffic offences

·       Drug related activity

·       Antisocial behaviour

·       Property damage

·       Cybercrime

Report information to Crime Stoppers WA which is directed to WA Police and other law enforcement agencies.


Prison matters


·       Inmate abuse or maltreatment

·       Prisoner escapes or attempted escapes

Report information about criminal activity in the prison system. These reports go directly to Corrective Services.



·       Harassment or spam calls/emails

·       Financial scams

·       Online scams

Report information relating to scammers and how they operate. These reports go directly to WA ScamNet.



·       Hacking attempts

·       Pyramid schemes

·       Lottery/prize fraud

·       Charity fraud

·       Grant fraud


Report information about actual or possible grant fraud.

These reports go directly to the Investigations and Inquiry Unit of the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC). The SBDC is a WA government statutory authority.

Environmental, agricultural & fishing matters


·       Illegal dumping

·       Pollution

·       Landfill levy

·       Illegal clearing of vegetation

·       Sale, importation, and movement of plants or animals

Report information relating to illegal dumping, pollution, landfill levy, illegal clearing of vegetation, plastic bag ban or other environmental issues.

These reports go directly to Dept of Water & Environmental Regulation, or Dept. of Primary Industries & Regional Development


Neighbourhood watch matters


·       Abandoned vehicles

·       Safety hazards

·       Graffiti and vandalism

·       Stray animals

·       Suspicious solicitation

If you are a participant in the local Neighbourhood Watch program, report information about suspicious behaviour or criminal activity in your local community.


Benefits of Eyes on the Street

  • Operated by non-for-profit organisation and registered charity
  • For industry professionals utilising, submitted reports can be sent to work emails for record keeping processes
  • Platform supports anonymous reporting – anonymity guarantee explanation here 
  • Online reports can be conducted in 11 languages other than English (Mandarin, Filipino, Italian, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Cantonese, Arabic, Afrikaans, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean)
  • Reports can be lodged 24/7 with a quick, simple, and easy process
  • Each report is allocated a unique ID report code for further reference
  • Reporters are eligible for reward of up to $1,000 from Crime Stoppers WA for their contribution to investigations

Impact of Eyes on the Street

  • In 2022, the cases investigated by Crime Stoppers and posted online had a 47% prosecution rate.