Community Safety

“Together, we create a thriving, resilient and inclusive future for our diverse community.”

Feeling safe in our community is a fundamental right. Community safety is a key priority of Council and is at the forefront of all planning. The Town of Port Hedland (the Town) is committed to creating a thriving, resilient and inclusive future for our diverse community. The intended purpose of the Town, is to guide the growth and development of the Hedland community, economy and environment through the provision of strong civic leadership, provision of high-quality services and facilitation of active community participation.


The Community Safety Plan 


The Town engaged the University of Western Australia (UWA), Law School Criminology team to carry out an independent evaluation of the Town’s Community Safety Plan (CSP) and provide recommendations to achieve effective and sustainable solutions.

The Town produced a CSP with a 10-year vision, committing to an independent evaluation every 3-years. The purpose of including an independent body to help facilitate the evaluation process ensures transparency and accountability of the plan and governance.

The recent planned evaluation looked at the relevance of the current CSP in relation to the current environment of community safety. The evaluation recommended: 

    • The move away from issues that are beyond the scope of the Town to influence and focus on two of three significant issues in the Town. 
    • Use an evidence-based evaluation framework to measure effectiveness to benefit future practice.   
    • A change to the Town’s community safety governance structure to include partnerships across a range of services.
    • The need to maintain grassroots engagement with the Hedland community. 

The Town recognises that many groups in Hedland are already contributing to safety in a variety of ways. Community safety is ongoing - and the Town is committed to working through the recommendations presented to improve safety for the Hedland community.

Evaluation of the Town of Port Hedland Community Safety Plan 2019-2022

Community Safety Resources

If you require further information please call the Community Safety Team on 08 9158 9300.