Community Safety

Hedland is a community where we feel connected to our people, place and home

Feeling safe in our community is a fundamental right. The Town of Port Hedland is committed to building a connected and resilient community, ensuring that community safety is central to planning. The Town of Port Hedland is rich with diversity and culture. Community safety is at the forefront of our planning, which impacts all facets of our governance and community. We understand a collective response to developing and implementing this plan is based on the success of our partnerships by having a collective and informed response. Community Safety is not just crime and anti-social behaviour; it is a public health matter and is everyones responsibility.


The Community Safety Plan (CSP)

The purpose of the Town of Port Hedland's Community Safety Plan 2019-2022 (CSP) is to identify actions that Council in partnership with governance groups can have a collective approach over the next three years that will improve safety in our community. We recognise that many groups in the town are already contributing to safety in a variety of ways. For this reason, we have connected many of the actions identified across community strategies and integrated them into this Plan to provide a comprehensive approach to safety. We aim to strengthen our partnerships and decision making by implementing initiatives informed by place-based data and evidence-based practice.

Community Safety Plan 2019-2022

Community Safety Resources

If you require further information please call the Community Safety Advisor on 08 9158 9300.