Responsible Pet Ownership

Can you Afford a Dog Attack?

Dog safety starts with you.

As the owner, you are first and foremost responsible for keeping your dog leashed in public. You may incur a penalty of $200 for a dog being off leash, and these penalties increase substantially if an unleashed dog attacks another animal or person. These Penalties can rise into the thousands of dollars.

Dog Safety Tips

  • Always Leash your dog! Dogs must be held on a leash not exceeding 2 metres in length in all public spaces unless signed otherwise. This is stipulated under the Dog Act 1976
  • The only off leash areas are spoil bank and McGregor St Dog Park (The Canine Club) 
  • Ensure your property is fenced
  • Do not approach or incite an aggressive dog

If you own a pet, you have a legal responsibility to keep it under control, either within a fenced areas on your property or on a leash when in public.

As the owner of person in charge of a pet, a modified penalty may apply for not having your pet on a leash, or for allowing it to roam.

Dogs Barking

You are responsible for ensuring that your dog is not creating a public nuisance by barking excessively. A modified penalty may apply for allowing your dog to bark persistently.

If taken to court, the fine could be up to $2000.

Please consider the impact of your dog's behaviour on your neighbours.

How many dogs can be kept at one property?

Each household is allowed to keep: no more that two dogs over the age of three months. All dogs over the age of three months must be registered with the Town of Port Hedland. If you wish to keep more two dogs you must first apply to the Town of Port Hedland.

At what age must I register my dog?

All dogs over the age of three months must be registered with the Town of Port Hedland, whether they are sterilised or not. Dogs being registered for the first time must also be micro chipped before they can be registered. All currently registered dogs must be micro chipped.

Penalties may apply for offences against the Acts/Regulations & Town Local Laws.

Having an unregistered dog $200.00
Failure to ensure dog is micro chipped $200.00
Dog in place without consent $200.00
Dog not held by a leash in public $200.00
Dog causing nuisance (can be issued daily) $200.00
Keeping more than the prescribed number of dogs (can be issued daily) $200.00

Dog Exercise Areas

  1. Spoil Bank (Port Hedland)
  2. McGregor Street Reserve dog park
  3. Marie Marland Reserve temporary off-leash dog park - permanent facility to be established as part of the South Hedland Integrated Sporting Complex Masterplan

Scoop the Poop!

Dog droppings are a source of annoyance to other users of footpaths and recreation areas. The Town of Port Hedland has local laws that require the person in charge of the dog to remove their dog's droppings and adequately dispose of them.

Diseases and Parasite Control

The owner of a dog shall take all reasonable precautions against that dog becoming infested by tapeworms or other parasites. The majority of diseases that can be found in your pet can be avoided by a vaccination.

Dogs to Wear Collars and Tags

If a dog is found in a public place not wearing a collar and tag, even if that dog is registered, every person liable for the control of that dog at the time commits an offense.

Name and Address to be supplied

Under the Dog Act 1976, a person who is in control of a dog is required to provide an officer or authorised person with his or her full name, address or current place of residence and date of birth whenever requested. Dog Act 1976, S43A

Failure to Effectively Confine a Dog

Even if your dog is registered, and found wandering, every person liable for the control of that animal at the time may be issued an infringement for: Failure to provide means of effectively confining a dog.