Ranger Services


Ranger Contact Details

Address: Town of Port Hedland, Civic Centre, 13 McGregor St, Port Hedland
Phone: (08) 9158 9300 Outside of operational hours this number is diverted to our Call Centre for any emergencies
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays, 8am-11am (appointment only by contacting Rangers Services)

The Ranger Services team is responsible for the education and compliance of State Government Acts, Regulations and Local Laws adopted by the Town of Port Hedland, including but not limited to the following.

  • Bush Fires Act 1954
  • Dog Act 1976
  • Cat Act 2011
  • Litter Act 1979
  • Caravan & Camping Grounds Act 1995
  • Local Government Act 1995
  • Control of Vehicles (Off-Road Areas)Act 1978
  • Various Council Local Laws relating to Parking, Reserves & Foreshores

Rangers spend most of their time undertaking patrols and dealing with a variety of calls in any one day, this can include dog complaints relating to barking dogs, dogs wandering at large, dog attacks, cat complaints, lost & found animals, parking issues, illegal camping and dumped litter as well as abandoned vehicles, shopping trollies & relocating snakes & wildlife.

Additional duties include patrols of foreshore and reserves, off road vehicle complaints, burning off & firefighting duties.

Ranger Services work closely with the local Police while being involved in the "Eyes on the Street Program" and reports any suspicious activity. Rangers also liaise with support agencies in relation to various community projects.


Rangers are available to attend schools as part of our school education program which can be adapted to suite various class needs. The program promotes responsible pet ownership, safety around dogs and the Ranger’s role within the Town, and is available to all schools.


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