South Hedland Landfill

The South Hedland Landfill, located at the end of North Circular Road, South Hedland.  On site is a weighbridge used to calculate chargeable commercial refuse, and to provide accurate records of all waste stream types committed to Landfill. 

Hours Of Operation


7.30am - 4.30pm 


8am - 4pm


CLOSED (24 hour blue skip bins available)

Public Holidays

Please see linked community notice  

Christmas Day and Good Friday


**Please note last entry is 15 minutes prior to gate closing time.**


It is a condition of entry to this facility that all users shall conform to directions issued by staff.  Any goods deposited at this facility are the property of the Town of Port Hedland, under section 4.6 , Prohibited Activities of the Local Waste Law 2018

Customers are responsible for the unloading of their own vehicles, and may be liable for charges for the relocation of waste that has been disposed of in the incorrect area. 

What Can I Take to the South Hedland Landfill?

The South Hedland Landfill Facility is a Class 2 landfill, which means that it is authorised to accept all domestic streams of waste, industrial waste, as well as certain hazardous wastes including asbestos, synthetic mineral fibers and some potentially hazardous industrial materials.


All materials deemed by Council to be recyclable, must be taken to the recycling areas of the Landfill as directed by staff.  This includes

  • Clean Fill
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Neverfail Water Bottles
  • Car Batteries
  • Car & Motorbike Tyres (4 per visit, domestic users only)
  • E-Waste (including laptops, computers, televisions, mobile phones and electrical cords)

The South Hedland Landfill facility does not accept:

  • Motor oil
  • Paint
  • Drums

The Town of Port Hedland has an agreement with ToxFree that allows residents to dispose of these items for free. 

20 Schillaman Street, Wedgefield


Commercial Industrial Waste

The South Hedland Landfill Facility is a Class 2 Landfill and can only accept waste as listed in the current licence, L69171997/8, as issued under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 on 13 October 2017. 

The Landfill is able to accept the following waste streams.




Putrescible Waste

Household waste, paper, cardboard, food waste, household furniture, garden waste,

Inert Waste Type 1

Non-hazardous, biodegradable, glass, plastic, asphalt, building and demolition waste

Inert Waste Type 2

Non-biodegradable – plastics, tyres, bulka bags

Special Wastes Type 1

Asbestos and asbestos cement products only.  No fibrous asbestos. 

Special Wastes Type 2

Biomedical waste, clinical waste

Industrial Solid Waste

Construction waste, demolition waste


Liquid Waste

Septage, grease, storm water pump out

Hazardous Waste

Quarantine Waste, biomedical


To obtain a copy of the Acceptance Criteria for Landfills or further information regarding Landfill Waste Classification and Waste Definitions 1996 for Class I & II please visit the Department of Environmental Protection website.  If you have any further queries, please contact the Town of Port Hedland, Environmental Health Services Team on (08) 9158 9300. 

Specialist Waste

Formerly known as Hazardous Waste, the following types of Specialist Waste are accepted at South Hedland Landfill

  • Quarantine Waste
  • Clinical Waste
  • Biomedical Waste
  • Pharmaceuticals and poisons
  • Asbestos
  • Contaminated Soil

If you require disposing of hazardous waste please in the first instance contact the Environmental Health Services team on 08 9158 9300 who will advise you of a course of action appropriate for the disposal of your waste.

Fees and charges do apply for the disposal of hazardous waste. 

Liquid Waste

The acceptance and disposal of liquid waste is governed by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.  The Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 2004 (the Regulations) provide for the licensing of waste facilities, carriers, drivers and vehicles involved in transporting controlled waste on roads in Western Australia. 

For information regarding the disposal of liquid waste at the South Hedland Landfill, please call the Town of Port Hedland, Environmental Health Services Team on (08) 9158 930. 

For information including fact sheets, fees and guidelines regarding the transportation of liquid waste, please contact the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

Transport drivers are responsible for off-loading the material and will not be assisted by Town of Port Hedland staff or machinery. 

Fees and charges do apply for the disposal of liquid waste. 

The landfill is audited and licensed annually by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.  There is legislated acceptance criteria for all landfills in Western Australia and this information is available from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. 


Rubbish Bin Collection

Weekly Verge Collection

Council supplies 240 litre mobile bins to each residential property within townsites and, on request, to commercial premises.  There are two services available to ratepayers,

  • Classic Collection – is provided to empty the waste from your 240 litre Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) from your kerbside verge emptied on the specified day of the week for that area.  The cost of this service is included in the yearly rates schedule for property owners.  Additional bin costs are listed in the Fees and Charges Schedule.  
  • Premium Collection is provided to those owners requiring their 240 litre Mobile Garbage Bin or a number of Mobile Garbage Bins collected and emptied from within their property; for example unit complex, street is too narrow for a truck to safely operate, insufficient verge space or the bin compound is inaccessible to the truck. The cost of this service is included in the yearly rates schedule for property owners.  Additional bin costs are listed in the Fees and Charges Schedule

Collection days for the respective townsite areas are as follows:







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Port Hedland 
Turner River Estate

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South Hedland Rural Estate

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Tkalku Boorda
Pretty Pool
Cooke Point

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Walnut Grove

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The rubbish collection service runs all year, including public holidays, except for Christmas Day and Good Friday.  If your service falls on Christmas Day or Good Friday, then your bin will be emptied the following day.

All mobile bins are to remain as part of the property and must not be removed or taken to a new property if you move.

Residents are held liable for any damage or loss of bins. 

If your bin has been stolen or damaged, you can request a replacement bin or the repair of your bin online.  Please note that only property owners and property managers are able to request replacement bins as fees are applicable. 

For further information on the Waste Collection Service, please contact the Town's Depot on (08) 9158 9700.

Bin Do’s and Don’t's

  • DO face the bin handles towards your house
  • DO clean your bin regularly
  • DO make sure that your bin is on the kerb by 6AM on the day of collection
  • DO bring your bin in after it has been emptied
  • DON’T leave rubbish on the ground beside your bin. It will not be collected
  • DON’T overload your bin. Heavy bins are unable to be collected
  • DON’T obstruct the drivers access to your bin by parking your car in front of the bin 

What Can I Place in My Green Bin?

The contents of your green bin are sent to the South Hedland Landfill Facility.  You can dispose of the following items in your bin

  • Household waste – including food scraps, nappies
  • Glass
  • All plastics
  • Steel and aluminium clans
  • Cardboard boxes – including pizza and moving boxes
  • Small amounts of Green Waste

Items that cannot be placed in your green bin

  • Hot or burning materials – including ashes and coals
  • Household hazardous waste – including paint, acid, fire extinguishers, solvents, pesticides, motor oil, gas cylinders, batteries, chemicals and heavy metals
  • Radioactive waste
  • Explosive material – including flares and ammunition
  • Electrical and electronic equipment – including Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon’s (EPIRB) or similar
  • Hospital, medical, veterinary laboratory or pathological substances – including needles
  • Sewage
  • Asbestos
  • Waste that is likely to cause a noxious odour or to attract flies or cause fly breeding
  • Anything that prevents the lid on your bin from closing 

Many of these items can be disposed of safely at the South Hedland Landfill at no charge to residents.  Please note that this service is only for household items and fees and charges do apply for commercial entities. 

Waste Fees and Charges

Residents that wish to dispose of the following waste streams are not subject to charges under the Fees and Charges Schedule 2018/19. 

·         Domestic waste

·         Green Waste

·         Industrial waste

·         Clean fill

·         Car bodies

Payment Options

For the safety and security of its staff and customers, the South Hedland Landfill does not take or hold cash on the premises.

Payment of fees and charges can be made through a pre-arranged account or alternatively they can be paid at the weighbridge with a credit card or via EFTPOS.

To open an account, please fill in a Credit Application Form and return to the Town via email:  or mail: PO Box 41, Port Hedland, WA 6721.

Comments and feedback are welcome and can be made to staff at the landfill site. It should be noted that staff operate within guidelines set by management and hence any dispute regarding fees or waste acceptance should be directed to the Coordinator of Waste Operations on (08) 9158 9700. 

2018/2019 South Hedland Landfill Facility Fees and Charges

The fees for the Landfill were adopted by Council on 23 May 2018.  Please note that GST is payable on all landfill/waste disposal fees.


Household Waste

No charge

Green waste (uncontaminated) - private residents

No charge


No charge

Clean fill (tonne)

No charge

Car bodies – Domestic Disposal

No charge


NOTE:   * This charge to apply ONLY when weighbridge is not operational.


Commercial General Waste - (per tonne) / Minimum Charge


* Commercial General Waste - (per m3) / Minimum Charge


Commercial Industrial Waste -   Includes, concrete, timber, C&D, contaminated metals, contaminated green waste  all waste from industrial use - (per tonne)


*  Commercial Industrial Waste -  Includes, concrete, timber, C&D, contaminated metals, contaminated green waste  all waste from industrial use. (per m3) / Minimum Charge 1 m3


Uncontaminated Metal (per tonne) Minimum Charge


*  Uncontaminated Metal (per m3) Minimum Charge


Clean fill (tonne) / (m3)

No charge

Commercial Green Waste (Uncontaminated) - (per tonne)

$55 per tonne

Commercial Green Waste (Uncontaminated) - Minimum charge


*  Green Waste (Uncontaminated) - commercial contractors - (per m3) / Minimum Charge


Liquid Waste - Including non- hazardous soluble liquids, Grease traps, waste water, muddy water & effluent - (per tonne) / Minimum Charge


* Liquid Waste- Including non- hazardous soluble liquids, Grease traps, waste water, muddy water & effluent - (per500L) / Minimum Charge


Commercial Tyres - (per tonne)/minimum charge 1 tonne


Rubber Products Small (must be cut up or Specialist Processing fee applies) - (per tonne)/minimum charge 1 tonne



All Hazardous Waste must be PRE-APPROVED by the Co-Ordinator Waste Operations as acceptable waste to Class II Landfill Standard.


Hazardous Waste Analysis


Specialist Disposal -  Includes Contaminated soils, Documents/quarantine and all materials requiring immediate burial - (per tonne) minimum charge 1 tonne


Hazardous Disposal - Includes Asbestos (fully sealed in plastic), medical and biological waste, SMF, dead animals of any kind and other harmful or biological material requiring immediate burial (per tonne) minimum charge 1 tonne


Hazardous/Specialist disposal - Cleanfill fee for 5 tonnes and greater (per tonne)


Specialist material processing fee - Includes materials such as conveyor belts, oversized tyres, PVC piping, Bulka Bags, cable drums, any item considered oversized, demountable buildings, inflatable air filled items,  all items requiring specialist processing to compact or that are non-compactable - (per tonne/minimum charge)


Relocation of Incorrectly Tipped Waste (per hour) / Minimum Charge 1 Hour



Battery recovery - Per tonne


Pressurised Cylinders, including gas cylinders, fire extinguishers/recovery - Per tonne


Commercial Vehicles Including Truck bodies, caravans, trailers, boats. (must be cut up or Specialist Processing fee applies)  (per tonne)


Administration Fee to reprint weighbridge dockets (per docket)


Per truck – only available to refuse trucks (includes cleaner)