Home Safety and Security

The Home Safety & Security Rebate Scheme supports Hedland tenants and owners of residential properties, to install home security products as part of an initiative to increase security and enhance safety across the community. 

A security rebate is provided to local residents to encourage registration through Cam-Map WA, for outdoor surveillance cameras, which is a wide-ranging secure database of all voluntarily registered CCTV systems across Western Australia.

Approved Products

The supply and/or installation after 1 May 2022 and before 31 July 2024 of the following new products by local suppliers and/or installers in the Town of Port Hedland Local Government area, are approved by the Town for the Scheme (‘Approved Products’):

  • home alarm and CCTV system (wireless and hardwired)
  • security door screen;
  • security window screens;
  • security window shutters;
  • security sensor light;
  • deadlocks;
  • street fencing;
  • wi-fi video doorbell

Funding rounds

The Scheme is available for the purchase of Products and / or the installation of new Approved Products on the Property (internally and externally) after 1 May 2022 and before 31 July 2024 only

Value of grant

50% of all costs up to $400

How to apply

To apply for the rebate, visit the Town of Port Hedland Smarty Grants page

Frequently asked questions and terms and conditions

Please visit the Town's Home Safety and Security Rebate page

More information

Email grants@porthedland.wa.gov.au or call (08) 9111 5000