The Town supplies 240 litre mobile waste bins to each residential property within townsites and, on request, to commercial premises. There are two services available to ratepayers:

  • Classic Collection - provided to empty the waste from your 240 litre Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) from your kerbside verge emptied on one specified day per week.  The cost of this service includes one bin and one collection per week and is included in the yearly rates schedule for property owners.  The cost for additional collections (above one per week) or additional bins, are listed in the Fees and Charges Schedule.  
  • Premium Collection - provided to those owners requiring their 240 litre Mobile Garbage Bin or a number of Mobile Garbage Bins to be collected and emptied from within their property; for example unit complexes with bin rooms, streets that are too narrow for a truck to safely operate, or areas with insufficient verge space to present the bin all require a roll in roll out service. The cost of this service is included in the yearly rates schedule for property owners.  Additional bins/collection costs are listed in the Fees and Charges Schedule

Collection days by area






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Port Hedland 
Turner River Estate

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South Hedland Rural Estate

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Tkalku Boorda
Pretty Pool
Cooke Point

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Walnut Grove

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The rubbish collection service runs all year, including public holidays, except for Christmas Day and Good Friday. If your service falls on Christmas Day or Good Friday, then your bin will be emptied the following day.

All mobile bins are to remain as part of the property and must not be removed or taken to a new property if you move.

Residents are held liable for any damage or loss of bins. 

If your bin has been stolen or damaged, you can request a replacement bin or the repair of your bin online.  Please note that only property owners and property managers are able to request replacement bins as fees are applicable. 

For further information on the Waste Collection Service, please contact the Town's Customer Service Team on (08) 9111 5000.

Items for General Waste

Yes please No thanks
  • Plastic bags (or take to supermarket)
  • Disposable nappies
  • Soft, scrunchable plastic (or take to supermarket)
  • Polystyrene
  • Damaged clothing or footwear (take undamaged items to an op shop)
  • Food scraps (or compost at home)
  • Garden vegetation (take to South Hedland Landfill greenwaste or compost at home)
  • Other general household waste
  • Gas bottles
  • Flares
  • Batteries
  • Aerosols
  • Hazardous materials

Recycling in Hedland

Cleanaway empties kerbside recycling bins on a fortnightly basis. Recyclables are transported to a Cleanaway waste facility to be baled, then transported to Cleanaway's Materials Recycling Facility in Karratha.

Once you start using your recycling bin, don't complicate it – Simply5 it! Remember to always keep it loose – never bag your recyclables. Please read below to find out more. 

If you have any enquiries regarding your recycling or general waste bins, please contact Cleanaway on 9172 0300 or visit the Bin Services page.

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Items for Recycling

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  • Paper
  • Steel & aluminium cans
  • Cardboard (flatten boxes)
  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Rigid plastics (lids removed)
  • Milk & juice cartons
  • No green waste or food waste
  • No rubbish
  • No plastic bags, soft plastic or polystyrene
  • No textiles, clothing or footwear
  • No gas bottles, flares, batteries or aerosols
  • No nappies

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Annual Green Waste Collection

The Town of Port Hedland conducts annual free kerbside collection of green waste, to coincide with the cyclone season. Dates for each collection will be widely advertised.

Green waste can be deposited at South Hedland Landfill all-year round.


The Town is only collecting green waste as part of this initiative - we will not be collecting any other waste items. 'Green waste' is items such as:

  • Tree Branches
  • Leaves
  • Grass Clippings
  • Weeds
  • Palm Fronds
  • Vegetation Loppings


  • White Goods
  • Batteries
  • Flammable Objects
  • Commercial Waste
  • Plastic Bags
  • Household Rubbish
  • Any other household, industrial or commercial waste items other than green waste!


  • Please make sure clippings are no longer than 1.5 metres each
  • Please make sure clippings are neatly stacked
  • Leaves should be tied or placed in a bag to stop spread
  • Please do not obstruct paths or infrastructure


Port Hedland's location in the Pilbara means the town site is susceptible to a number of cyclonic weather systems every year. These systems can cause extreme wind gusts, picking up yard items into the air and causing significant property damage. Excess green waste, particularly low hanging branches and fronds, can be knocked into walls and windows or be catapulted into neighbouring yards or public spaces. All residents must do their part to ensure we can all experience a safe cyclone season. 


If you have any other excess items in your yard, such as old outdoor furniture, timber, white goods, or e-waste, please visit the South Hedland Landfill. Residential waste items can also be disposed at the facility after hours by using the after hours skip bins


If you have a question we haven't already answered, please give us a call on (08) 9158 9300 or send an email to council@porthedland.wa.gov.au

Recycling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is recycling?

Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be landfilled and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit your community, the economy and the environment.

When is our recycling collected?

Every fortnight on the same day as the garbage collection. A calendar will be delivered with your new recycling bin, and will be available to view on the website.


  • Paper and cardboard (boxes flattened)
  • Glass bottles and jars (rinsed, lids removed)
  • Milk and juice cartons (rinsed, lids removed)
  • Steel and aluminium cans, balls of aluminum foil (over 5cm wide)
  • Plastic bottles and containers (rinsed, lids removed)

CAN the glass bottles and jar lids be recycled?

They can be recycled if they are over 5cm wide and made of hard plastic, steel or aluminium.

WHy do items need to go into the recycling bin loose? why can't i bag them?

All bags are removed by hand and disposed at the beginning of the recycling process as they often contain contaminants such as food scraps, nappies or other dangerous items.

CAn soft plastic / flexible plastics like cling wrap or pasta packets go into our recycling bin?

No they can be dropped to the REDcycle bins at Coles and Woolworths. Visit https://www.redcycle.net.au/ for more information.

do i need to wash or rinse containers before i put them in the recycling bin?

Yes, your items are sorted by hand as well as machines, so a quick wash or wipe makes the process cleaner and less smelly for staff, as well as the sale value of the product.  Instead of wasting clean water why not use your left over washing-up water.

Generally plastic, metal and glass materials must be empty and rinsed clean of food debris before being recycled. Paper materials must be empty, clean and dry before being recycled. Wet paper/food-soiled paper products may be compostable.

why can i only recycle glass bottles and jars?

Other types of glass such as windows and drinking glasses are not compatible with the kerbside recycling system.  They are made from different types of glass to bottles and jars.  Glass is recycled by melting it down, and generally these types of non-packaging glass are heat resistant and are harder to melt.  Some drinking glasses also contain crystal which is also hard to melt.

do i have to remove the plastic windows from envelopes?

No, you can recycle paper envelopes without removing the window.

where do i place my recycling bin for collection?

Place your recycle bin alongside your general bin on the kerbside – no later than 6 am on your collection day. 

Please ensure bins are placed at least 0.5 metres away from other bins, cars or obstructions. Make sure there are no overhanging branches.

The bin lid should be presented with the opening facing the road; and handles and wheels away from the road.

Remove your bin within 24 hours of collection.

Bin lid should be closed with no waste or recycling beside or on top of the bin.

What happens to the recycling after it is collected?

Recyclables will be transported to a Cleanaway transfer station in Karratha to be baled, then transported to Cleanaway's Materials Recycling Facility in Perth where they will be separated into their respective material types. Once sorted, they are sold to markets and re-processed into new materials.

Where do the recyclables go once they are sorted?

Once sorted into the various material types, the products are sold by Cleanaway in a competitive marketplace. Some products are low in value and the recycler may need to pay to have them processed, but the processing costs are still cheaper than sending it to landfill due to the landfill levy. Some of the products are exported to overseas markets, however from 2025 there will be a ban on exporting plastic, paper, glass and tyres. This ban, coupled with government grant funding, has spurred investment in processing infrastructure within Australia.

Will my rates increase now that recycling has been introduced?

No, the waste charge on your rates won't increase due to the introduction of recycling.

Can I get an additional recycling bin?

Yes, you can arrange an additional recycling bin by filling in the form on the Bin Services page. Charges apply.

Why has my recycling bin not been collected?

If non-acceptable items, or contamination, are placed in your bin, it may not be emptied. All recycling trucks have on-board cameras and drivers may place a sticker on the bin to advise why the bin was not emptied. The bin will only be emptied once the contaminant has been removed.

If the bin was not placed out prior to 6am or has been obstructed in any way, the bin may also not be emptied.

Call Cleanaway to arrange collection.

Why is there a sticker on my bin?

The Cleanaway driver will put a sticker on your bin to let you know if there is an issue with your bin presentation or contents.

Call Cleanaway to arrange collection.

Why do some bins have red lids and some have green lids?

The Australian Standard colour for general waste bins is now a red lid.

All new bins will be issued with red lids and green lids will slowly be phased out over the coming years.

Our information shows both red and green lids to reduce confusion for those residents with green lids.

What happens if I put the wrong thing in the recycling bin, will the whole truckload go to landfill?

If non-recyclables end up in the truck and the contamination becomes widespread, the whole truckload may end up being sent to Landfill.

Is recycling the best management option for our town?

Avoiding and reducing the purchasing of new materials is the environmentally preferred strategy, however after an item has been created and reused as much as possible, recycling becomes the next preferred option. Recycling is always better than landfill, as the item can be remanufactured into the same item again, or turned into something else of similar or lesser value.

Where do i direct further bin related questions?

Please contact Cleanaway on 9172 0300.