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Cooke Point Shared Path

Project overview

The Town of Port Hedland is focused on creating a liveable Hedland that people choose to call home. 

Active options for recreation and transport are a key way of life for many people in Hedland. 

The Town has been developing a network of shared paths that support walking and cycling throughout our community.  At the December Ordinary Council Meeting, the Town's new Active Transport Strategy was endorsed. This strategy is the Town's blueprint for future investment into the active transport network that includes footpaths, shared paths and pedestrian access ways in Hedland.

Over the last five years, the Town has built seven kilometres of shared paths. In November 2023 we celebrated the completion of the Wilson Street Shared Path which has, for the first time, connected Port and South Hedland with a walking and cycling path. 

Cooke Point is a popular area for active recreation, but lacks a connected shared walking and cycling path.  The Cooke Point Shared Path project aims to connect the existing gaps to provide a shared path right along the Port Hedland foreshore.

The Town received $650,000 State Government funding as a contribution for design and construction of a shared path in Cooke Point.  Design is underway for the path and construction is expected to start in the first half of 2024. 

Construction will be done in stages over about six months.


Shared path to connect Port Hedland and Cooke Point

Published on Wednesday, 29 March 2023 at 2:28:37 PM

The $625,000 Government grant will go towards design plans and construction of the Cooke Point Shared Path, which will improve connectivity along Port Hedland's foreshore and provide safe and inclusive pedestrian access to the coastal areas. These links will provide an uninterrupted 8km coastal dual use path for the community to enjoy with various destinations to stop at along the way.

The path is consistent with the Coastal Foreshore Management Plan which was endorsed by Council in 2021, and will continue to deliver on the Towns dual use path strategy. Currently, there are no alternative paths for cyclists to access this route. 

The grant, made possible by the Department of Transport, will complement the Town's vision to create safe, connected spaces and continue building amenities that will make Port Hedland a place people want to live and call home. The project will also encourage physical activity in the community and opportunities for developing tourism experiences. 

Last year the Town built a new footpath connecting West End to Port Hedland via Richardson, Kingsmill and Sutherland Streets. The Cooke Point Shared Path project includes construction of two new shared paths linking the corner of Sutherland and Keesing Street to Dempster Street, and down through to Goode Street.