Planning information, advice & requests

Lodgement Advice

Development application forms, checklists, information sheets and fee requirements can all be found here. Should you require further assistance with the lodgement of your development application, or need additional information on the planning process, you can contact the Town Planning and Development team via 08 9158 9300 or by email via Please note the ePlanning mailbox has a file size limit of 30MB.

Technical Advice

The Town's Local Planning Framework is largely established under the State's Planning and Development Act 2005 and associated subsidiary legislation. It includes:

  • Local Planning Strategy: this includes the Town Local Planning Strategy which is intended to set out the long term vision and strategy for the planning and development of the Town.
  • Local Planning Scheme: this is a legislative document which is intended to implement the Local Planning Strategy by way of setting out land use and development controls as well as processes.
  • Local Planning Policies and Position Statements: these are created under the Local Planning Scheme and are intended to supplement it by providing further guidance on an area or subject-specific land use and development matters.
  • Other Planning Strategies: these are created to record specific land use and development information which is applicable to various planning matters.

Should you require technical planning advice pertaining to a specific property or development, you can do so by contacting the Town Planning and Development team on 9158 9300 or by email to The fee for written planning advice is $73.00 per hour (min 1 hour) with an average turn-around time of 10 working days. Please provide the lot number and street address, a clear description of the proposal, site plan and details of the required information. Please refer to the Planning information request form here.

Zoning Information

If you require zoning information, our local planning scheme maps are available here. Alternatively, you can request the zoning of a property by emailing Requests lodged prior to 2 pm are responded to by close of business that day.

Should you require Town staff to carry out a zoning search and provide information on permissible uses, current planning approvals, details of any scheme amendments that may affect the property and any notices or orders that have been issued, you can apply for a Planning Statement at a cost of $73.00 per hour (min 1 hour) with an average turn-around time of 10 working days. Please note copies of development approval are charged as $110.00 per property.

Land Information

For information on land titles and records, property statistics (sales and growth), maps, deposited plans, survey plans, property valuations and conveyancing information - contact Landgate at or on 9273 7373.

For enquiries regarding Water and Sewer, please contact Water Corporation on 13 13 95.


The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for approving all subdivision applications in our State. For information on the subdivision process, go to,-development-and-property. Subdivision application forms and schedule of fees can be found at,-development-and-property/subdivision-fees-and-forms

Planning application forms, checklists, and fees

Planning Guidelines

Development assessment panel forms and fees

Documents for Development Assessment Panel Forms And Fees
TitleDocument Date
DAP - Form 2May 16, 2020
DAP - Form 1May 17, 2020
DAP - Application GuidanceMay 18, 2020

Strata - form 24 and fees

Documents for Strata - Form 24 And Fees
TitleDocument Date
Strata - Form 24 FeesMay 17, 2020
Strata - Form 24May 18, 2020

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