Private Swimming Pools & Spas

All private swimming pools and spas (above and below ground) must be provided with an approved barrier which is required to comply with the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, Building Regulations and associated Australian Standards.

The Local Authority is required to complete a mandatory inspection of the barrier upon installation of a swimming pool or spa prior to the swimming pool or spa being filled with water and then is required to complete a minimum of one (1) mandatory inspection every four (4) years after.

The Town of Port Hedland will be carrying out mandatory swimming pool and spa enclosure inspections over the next 12 months. Inspections commenced in April 2014 and occupiers and owners will be notified by mail prior to the inspection by the Town’s Building Surveyor and Development Compliance Officers. It is the responsibility of the landowner and occupier to ensure their swimming pool and/or spa enclosure is compliant at all times by meeting the building and safety standards set by the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards as required under the Building Regulations 2012. Failure to provide a compliant pool and/or spa enclosure may result in a fine being issued for both the landowner and occupier. For more information on pool and spa compliance please download the Building Commission WA’s ‘Rules for Pools and Spas’ booklet from the Building Commission’s website. For more information on the inspections, please see our information sheets below or contact the Town’s Development Services on (08) 9158 9359.

For further information on the requirements for swimming pool and spa barriers, please follow the below links.

Rules for Pools