project overview

The Town of Port Hedland’s updated Strategic Community Plan 2022-23, which was adopted in 2022, provides a blueprint for Hedland’s long-term vision, values, aspirations and priorities.

The plan will help guide the Town’s policies and actions on building a prosperous Hedland for the future by honouring cultural heritage, protecting the environment and upgrading and improving infrastructure.

The Hedland Sports and Arts Precinct will provide an integrated hub focused on providing modern, centralised facilities to broaden the scope of sport, recreation, arts and cultural activities for the Hedland community.

Located on the former TAFE site on Hamilton Road in South Hedland, the Performing Arts Centre and Integrated Civic and Community Hub will be adjacent to the South Hedland Integrated Sports Hub which features Kevin Scott Oval, Wanangkura Stadium and associated sports and recreation facilities.

The overall precinct will form an integral part of a contemporary Town centre for South Hedland. It will include an upgraded “entry statement” into South Hedland on Hamilton Road.




The South Hedland Integrated Sports Hub (SHISH) is a $200 million staged project that represents one of the Town’s infrastructure priorities.

Wanangkura Stadium, in the heart of the South Hedland sporting precinct, was opened in 2012.

Since that time, public consultation has identified that functionality is poor and the stadium’s facilities are at capacity which is limiting future growth.

In addition, it has been identified that Hedland’s aquatic facilities – while serving the community well – are not contemporary and are nearing the end of their life.

The Town is committed to increasing the capacity for participation in sport by providing fully accessible facilities.

Having open-space facilities that are connected and increasing spectator capacity are also expected to foster growth in sporting activity for Hedland.

The SHISH redevelopment includes:

  • relocation of Kevin Scott Oval
  • a new diamond sports field
  • a new multi-use pavilion
  • refurbishment of Wanangkura Stadium
  • a new aquatic centre including indoor pool and outdoor facilities
  • a multi-use sports field
  • new carparking
  • new indoor sports hall; and
  • new covered outdoor courts

The first stage of the redevelopment is scheduled to begin in 2023 and includes relocation of Kevin Scott Oval, construction of a diamond sports field and multi-use pavilion and work on the Hamilton Road entrance points.

Community and social benefits

  • Nurturing growth of local sports and recreation
  • Opportunities for smaller sports groups to grow
  • Centralisation of sporting facilities and spaces
  • Bigger spaces to allow for more community members to utilise the facilities
  • Improved facilities allow for better access to programs and events
  • Extensions and new additions will improve accessibility to all community members
  • Better quality of life with high-quality community facilities




The Town’s Arts and Cultural Strategy 2019-2022 highlighted the need for an integrated hub for Hedland’s arts and cultural infrastructure with facilities that provide spaces for performance and community use.

After an investigation and evaluation of options for a consolidated precinct, council in March 2022 endorsed a feasibility study for a centralised hub at the former TAFE site on Hamilton Road, South Hedland.

The arts and cultural precinct will seek to strengthen and build Hedland’s cultural capacity with features to include a world-class theatre, bigger cinema and additional spaces for workshops, offices and meeting rooms.

The plans also encompass an adjacent outdoor amphitheatre with outdoor stage and separate playground area.

Delivering this project will position Hedland to attract live shows and performances that would normally only perform in metropolitan settings.

Community and social benefits

  • Dedicated arts and culture facility to attract new live shows and performances
  • Opportunity for tertiary education and training opportunities for people in Hedland
  • Economic diversification through new industry job creation
  • Increased community and social wellbeing by improving arts and culture offerings
  • Continued support for Hedland's arts and culture community which is recognised throughout Australia




The Town of Port Hedland has identified the need to integrate its civic and administration facilities into and Civic and Community Hub.

Repurposing the former TAFE site on Hamilton Road, the civic and community hub will include an administration building for Town staff to replace the current Civic Centre site in Port Hedland which is more than 50 years of life and is no longer fit-for-purpose.

An expanded library, commercial office space and restaurant and community building are also part of the planned hub.

 Community and social benefits

  • Provides integration opportunities for community facilities
  • Strengthen civic pride
  • Contributes to the South Hedland Town Centre revitalisation
  • Contributes to strengthening Hedland as a liveable destination


24 July 2023

Pool failure prompts Council to fast-track new project

The Town of Port Hedland is laying the groundwork for a new aquatic centre, and seeking financial support, as existing facilities reach end-of-life.

The 44-year-old South Hedland Aquatic Centre has been closed since April for critical repairs to be carried out. It will remain closed until later this year after further problems were discovered during the construction work.

At its meeting on Wednesday, Town of Port Hedland councillors will decide whether to spend a further $685,000 on the South Hedland facility, taking the total repair cost in 2023 to more than $1 million.

At the same meeting, councillors will consider the budget for 2023-24 including funding to start designing the aquatic element of the planned Hedland Sports and Arts Precinct.

Town of Port Hedland Mayor Peter Carter said a new aquatic centre was critical for the Hedland community.

“Our ability to deliver a new pool depends on Government, both State and Federal, and the resources industry partnering with us to help fund it,” Mayor Carter said.

“We’ve been talking to Government about the Hedland Sports and Arts Precinct and we’re asking those involved in the Resources Community Investment Initiative to prioritise a new aquatic centre for Hedland.”

For funding to be allocated through the Resources Community Investment Initiative, contributing companies need to propose their preferred projects.

“This initiative has been pitched as a fund for transformational projects across Western Australia, including those in key mining regions. Port Hedland absolutely fits the bill, and we are asking the companies to get in behind us and support it,” Mayor Carter said.

“These mining companies all have a local presence and an interest in seeing Hedland thrive.”

The Town will also be applying for Federal Government funding through the Growing Regions Fund, while contributing a substantial amount of ratepayer funds to the project.

The total estimated cost of the Hedland Sports and Arts Precinct is $330 million. The cost of the aquatics element is estimated to be $80 million. The Town is seeking $60 from Government and the resources industry. Specifically, it has proposed that $40 million of the project be funded by the Resources Community Investment Initiative.

23 February 2023

Councillors endorse new precinct plans

Town of Port Hedland councillors have endorsed plans for a new precinct in South Hedland that will offer the community a range of performing arts and shared community facilities.

The concept design masterplans for a new Performing Arts Centre and Civic and Community Centre were endorsed at the Council Meeting last night.

The two facilities will be part of the wider Hedland Sports and Arts Precinct which will also include the South Hedland Integrated Sports Hub.

Mayor Peter Carter said the Hedland Sports and Arts Precinct was a legacy piece of infrastructure which would revitalise South Hedland and provide world-class sports, arts and culture amenities.

Part of the plan involves relocating the Town’s current civic administration teams to South Hedland.

“This is part of our vision to bring more services to South Hedland. The Civic Centre in Port Hedland is no longer fit-for-purpose and we’re taking the opportunity to redevelop the former TAFE site to include administration offices,” Mayor Carter said.

“The administration functions, as well as a new library and performing arts centre will integrate community facilities and strengthen civic pride.

“The Hedland Sports and Arts Precinct will revitalise the South Hedland town centre and the Performing Arts Centre and Civic and Community Precinct will provide quality services and amenities for the community,” he said.

“This is part of the Town’s vision to invest in legacy infrastructure to increase liveability in Hedland to help grow our population.”

The civic and community precinct will be built on the former TAFE site on Hamilton Road and include:

  • The Town of Port Hedland administration building to replace the current Civic Centre in Port Hedland
  • Town library
  • Performing Arts Centre
  • Community space
  • Commercial space
  • Commercial café/restaurant; and
  • Childcare facility.

25 March 2022

Vibrant hub plans for Hedland Arts and Culture precinct

Council has endorsed the feasibility study and needs analysis for a centralised Arts and Culture Precinct and noted the proposed location of Lot 500 Forrest Circle in South Hedland.

Dedicated Arts and Culture Precincts play a significant role in hosting vibrant cultural and arts programs for community engagement around Australia and internationally.

The Arts and Culture Strategy 2019-2022 highlighted the need for one integrated hub for Hedland’s arts and cultural infrastructure with facilities that provide appropriate spaces for performance and community use.

The Town engaged Officer Woods Architects and RFF Consultants in July 2021 to undertake an investigation and evaluation of options for a consolidated Arts and Culture Precinct in Hedland.

Significant community consultation was undertaken alongside engagement with a range of stakeholders to recognise future opportunities and propose development options for selected sites using design, feasibility and business expertise.

The sharing of unique storytelling, amplifying local culture and empowering community participation and contribution were some of the identified opportunities reflected in the findings.

Potential location sites were assessed against evaluation criteria including space for co-located cultural infrastructure for both commercial and civic use, service connections, environmental provisions and best practice requirements of comparable cultural precincts.

The Arts and Culture Precinct design concepts will be further developed to detail community space integration.

Mayor Peter Carter acknowledged the contribution of stakeholder expertise and input in formulating the study and analysis to date.

“The Town thanks the community, industry and arts and cultural organisations for their valuable input in highlighting the social value Hedland’s arts scene brings to the community and the requirements needed for arts and cultural infrastructure.

“The project envisions a vibrant, integrated Arts and Culture Precinct that is available and welcoming to all, ranging from spaces for performing arts and cultural activities to places for Performing Arts Schools and business tourism.

“The enhanced infrastructure development of the Arts and Culture Precinct will strengthen and build on Hedland’s cultural capacity, participation, inclusivity and visitor engagement.

“Council looks forward to the next stages of this project, bringing a fit-for-purpose venue to South Hedland to provide more opportunities for celebrating our cultural heritage, arts and Pilbara lifestyle.”