Planning Strategies

Active Transport Strategy (2023)

This strategic planning document outlines the Town’s vision and commitment to providing a safe and connected network of footpaths, shared paths and pedestrian access ways (PAWs) in Port and South Hedland. The Strategy will guide future investment in infrastructure to better connect our pathways to ensure we have efficient passageways throughout Hedland as a whole.

South Hedland Place Plan (2021)

The purpose of the South Hedland Place Plan is to develop a community-driven, place-led approach to activate and deliver positive outcomes for the South Hedland town centre.

Costal Foreshore Management Plan (2021)

Port Hedland’s coastline is prone to severe pressures: coastal erosion, inundation of low lying areas during storms, increasing human impacts and threats to biodiversity. The Coastal Foreshore Management Plan (CFMP) provides a framework for actions to mitigate coastal hazard risks along our coastline into the future.  

Costal Hazard Risk Managment Adaptation Plan (2019)

The Port Hedland CHRMAP report was developed in accordance with State Government’s State Coastal Planning Policy No. 2.6 following extensive community consultation and adopted by Council on 30 April 2019. 

The assessment identifies and considers coastal hazards and risks for the Port Hedland Townsite and recommends adaptation pathways with actions to assist in adapting to immediate coastal inundation and erosion risks, as well as undertaking appropriate planning to address increasing risk over time.

Further information on the project can be found below:

Coastal Vulnerability Study (2011)

Heavy Vehicle Access Strategy Port Hedland (2020)

This study aims to provide an overview of the existing heavy vehicle network and guidance on possible network improvements.

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Heritage Inventory (2017)

The heritage of Port Hedland is rich in history, stories, people and places. The Town's Heritage Inventory (2017) is used for the assessment of development proposals affecting heritage places.

Public Open Space Strategy (2019)

The Town of Port Hedland is fortunate to have a variety of open space and reserve areas that play a vital role in making this area a great place to work and play. That’s why development and protection of our parks and reserves, and improvements to the quality of them is important. 

The Public Open Space Strategy assesses existing Public Open Space in Port and South Hedland against framework standards to determine where opportunities for improvements lie in the future.  

South Hedland Flood Study (2010)

The South Hedland Flood Study examines opportunities and constraints in regards to the drainage network in South Hedland and proposes a 5 year plan for upgrades and maintenance of drainage infrastructure.