Rates revenue represents a significant percentage of the Town’s operating income each year, and is an important income stream in terms of the Town’s financial flexibility.

General rates revenue supports a broad range of Municipal infrastructure and services, including building control; animal control; community services; active and passive open space; roads, bridges, footpaths and drainage; libraries; youth centres; swimming pools; community events; town planning; governance and corporate support; cemeteries; emergency management; public conveniences; economic development; and tourism and regional promotion. Rates are also used to service debt.

Rates do represent a high proportion of the Town’s annual income, and our annual planning processes will continue to assess the community’s capacity and willingness to pay rates. However we will first always seek to maximise alternative revenue streams such as grant funding, and user pays fees and charges.

At its core, the 2019/20 budget balances efficient service delivery and essential infrastructure investment with the need to live within our means. This return to basics or ‘core functions and services’ has been achieved in the face of increasing utility charges and challenging economic conditions. We have refocussed on delivering upgrades to infrastructure assets which everyone benefits from, such as roads and community facilities.

The Town's Rating Strategy was endorsed by Council at the Special Council Meeting on 26 June 2019.

Please click here to access the 2019/20 Rates Strategy Objects and Reasons

Due Dates for Rates

There are two payment options you may choose.

Option 1 – Payment in Full

Ratepayers who choose option one must have their rates paid in full by 23 August 2019.

Option 2 – Payment by instalments

Ratepayers who choose option two pay their rates in four instalments.

Full Payment/First Instalment Due: 23 August 2019
Second Instalment Due: 22 November 2019
Third Instalment Due: 21 February 2020
Fourth Instalment Due: 15 May 2020

Payment Options

Direct Debit

You can enter a direct debit arrangement for an agreed amount on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Direct debit arrangements must be confirmed in writing and attract an administration fee.

Please contact the Rates Officer to request a Direct Debit request form. Note dishonoured payments attract a penalty fee.

Can I have my rates notices emailed to me?

Yes, however we currently only have capability to email the initial rates notice, all installment notices will be issued via post. Email council@porthedland.wa.gov.au to update your records for future correspondence or to request a copy.

If you haven’t already received your rates notice or installment reminder, please contact us on 9158 9300.