Online Form - Application to Consume Alcohol on a Council Facility or Reserve

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Provide details of event and the proposed supply of liquor at the event, including type of alcohol which will be served:

Will any glass be used at the event?*
Will a charge or fee be imposed upon guests for entry to the event?*
Will alcohol be sold?*

If YES, the ‘Hiring Organisation’ must also obtain a function Permit/Licence from the Clerk of Courts, Hawke Place, South Hedland (Ph: 08 9172 9300) or online at

I, for and on behalf of the Hirer, agree as follows:

  1. I have read, acknowledge and agree the Hirer will be required to comply with the terms and conditions set out in the ToPH’s policy “Occasional Licences and Consumption of Liquor on a recreation reserve or council owned or managed facility” within the Terms and Conditions located on the ToPH Website;
  2. The Hirer will comply strictly with any relevant provisions within the Liquor Control Act 1988 (as amended) – to consult the full Act please visit
  3. The Hirer has developed a risk management policy or plan to ensure that alcohol is served in a responsible manner.
  4. In the event of a cyclone, approval to consume liquor may be revoked for safety reasons.

Site Plan

Please illustrate the oval/reserve you wish to hire including location/s of where alcohol will be purchased and consumed. Please include any major landmarks including goal posts, lights, car park, toilet blocks etc.

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