Council has endorsed the Town’s draft rating strategy for 2021/22, which is now open for public consultation until Wednesday 2 June 2021.
The Town’s proposed strategy would apply a 2% increase on rating categories and projects a total rate revenue of $54,853,749 based on current valuations.
The objectives of the rating strategy are to raise sufficient revenue to maintain current service delivery levels, deliver key infrastructure projects, asset renewal programmes and meet the outcomes of the Town’s Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028, maintaining a balanced budget.
Property valuations provided by the Valuer-General, (Landgate Valuation Services) are used as the basis for the calculation of rates each year.
The draft 2021/22 rating strategy strives for objectivity, fairness and equity, consistency, transparency and administrative efficiency.
Submissions are invited from any elector or ratepayer with respect to the proposed rates, and any related matter, within a minimum of 21 days of the date of this notice. 
Submissions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Town of Port Hedland, PO Box 41, Port Hedland WA 6721, and be marked Submission – Differential Rating 2021/22.
All submissions should be received no later than Wednesday 2 June 2021 to be considered as part of the final rating strategy. 

Click here to access the 2021/22 Statement of Objects and Reasons.