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Vibrant hub plans for Hedland Arts and Culture Precinct

Published on Friday, 25 March 2022 at 12:35:04 PM

Council has endorsed the feasibility study and needs analysis for a centralised Arts and Culture Precinct and noted the proposed location of Lot 500 Forrest Circle in South Hedland.

Dedicated Arts and Culture Precincts play a significant role in hosting vibrant cultural and arts programs for community engagement around Australia and internationally.

The Arts and Culture Strategy 2019-2022 highlighted the need for one integrated hub for Hedland’s arts and cultural infrastructure with facilities that provide appropriate spaces for performance and community use.

The Town engaged Officer Woods Architects and RFF Consultants in July 2021 to undertake an investigation and evaluation of options for a consolidated Arts and Culture Precinct in Hedland.

Significant community consultation was undertaken alongside engagement with a range of stakeholders to recognise future opportunities and propose development options for selected sites using design, feasibility and business expertise.

The sharing of unique storytelling, amplifying local culture and empowering community participation and contribution were some of the identified opportunities reflected in the findings.

Potential location sites were assessed against evaluation criteria including space for co-located cultural infrastructure for both commercial and civic use, service connections, environmental provisions and best practice requirements of comparable cultural precincts.

The Arts and Culture Precinct design concepts will be further developed to detail community space integration.

Mayor Peter Carter acknowledged the contribution of stakeholder expertise and input in formulating the study and analysis to date.

“The Town thanks the community, industry and arts and cultural organisations for their valuable input in highlighting the social value Hedland’s arts scene brings to the community and the requirements needed for arts and cultural infrastructure.

“The project envisions a vibrant, integrated Arts and Culture Precinct that is available and welcoming to all, ranging from spaces for performing arts and cultural activities to places for Performing Arts Schools and business tourism.

“The enhanced infrastructure development of the Arts and Culture Precinct will strengthen and build on Hedland’s cultural capacity, participation, inclusivity and visitor engagement.

“Council looks forward to the next stages of this project, bringing a fit-for-purpose venue to South Hedland to provide more opportunities for celebrating our cultural heritage, arts and Pilbara lifestyle.”

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