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Town welcomes resources investment initiative

Published on Tuesday, 22 November 2022 at 1:59:11 PM

The Town of Port Hedland is well positioned to benefit from a $750 million community investment fund backed by some of Western Australia’s biggest mining companies.

The Resources Community Investment Initiative, launched on Tuesday by the Western Australian Government, has been described as a way to fund legacy projects across the State.

Town of Port Hedland Mayor Peter Carter welcomed the fund, praising the State Government and mining industry’s collaboration to build better communities across Western Australia.

“The Town looks forward to making its pitch to the advisory committee overseeing the fund to push our case for significant investment in Hedland,” Mayor Carter said.

“The Town will also continue to work collaboratively with mining companies to ensure they have a clear picture of our needs and vision for the future.”

The Town in July adopted its Strategic Community Plan 2022-32, which is a blueprint for the future direction of the Hedland community.

In addition, the Long-Term Financial Plan was adopted in September, outlining plans for an $817 million investment in capital works projects over the next 15 years.

“We have a commitment to transform Hedland into the future and investing in arts, recreation and cultural facilities is important in improving liveability and driving population growth,” Mayor Carter said.

The financial plan also allocated $50 million to helping find solutions to housing and childcare issues in the region, and Mayor Carter is hopeful the Resources Community Investment Initiative will help build on that.

“There is no doubt we have challenges around access to housing and childcare and it would be my hope that the advisory committee and mining industry see the benefits in helping us overcome some of these,” he said.

“Taking a collaborative approach with industry and Government is crucial to the Town’s aspirations of improving service delivery and overcoming issues like housing, childcare and education.

“Port Hedland plays a critical role in the mining industry given we have the largest bulk export port in the world, so it would only be right for investment in our region to help us grow and prosper into the future.”

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