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Road users urged to take more care when transporting loads

Published on Tuesday, 19 March 2024 at 11:30:32 AM

The Town has recently seen a larger amount of ‘trade’ litter throughout Hedland due to loads not being properly secured.

A failure to properly secure loads not only poses significant safety risks to other drivers and cyclists but also causes environmental risks due to the litter that is a result of unsecured loads.

If there are unusually large items on the road, drivers may have to brake suddenly or change lanes, increasing the chance of a collision.

Roadside litter also has a high chance of causing damage to local waterways, flooding and blocking drainage systems, and impacting swimming beaches and wetlands.

Litter from unsecured loads is avoidable if drivers take care when transporting items on trailers or utes to follow some simple procedures to secure loads effectively.

Make your load safe in your ute or trailer

  • Cover garden refuse – a trailer net or tarpaulin are ideal for this purpose
  • Restrain furniture and white goods - use high-quality straps and ensure they are tightly fastened
  • Use webbing or straps to restrain cardboard boxes
  • Don’t carry loose tools in the back – use a restrained toolbox
  • Larger tools (e.g. garden tools like shovels) should be restrained by ropes, straps, or a trailer net if they are not adequately contained by the body

There are significant fines in place for those who do not follow the safety precautions.

  • Under the Litter Regulations Act 1981, Section 8: A person shall not drive a vehicle carrying a load unless the load is so arranged, contained, fastened or covered that the load or any part of it cannot fall or otherwise escape from the vehicle in or upon any street or public place. A penalty of $5000 can occur.

For more information, please visit: Government of Western Australia 

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