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Public Statement - Decmil

Published on Friday, 8 March 2024 at 9:02:15 AM

The Town of Port Hedland is pleased Decmil has dropped legal action over the contract to construct the Milpaku Kuma / Port Hedland Community Centre.

The Town entered into a fixed-price contract with Decmil for construction of the centre, which officially opened in May 2023.

Legal action of this nature has the capacity to damage the Town’s reputation, given the public scrutiny. 

The Town has a robust contract management and tendering processes, and was prepared to defend the claim it was liable for more than $5.2 million under the contract with Decmil.

However, the Town was notified this week Decmil will not be pursuing legal action.

The Town of Port Hedland is committed to a bold infrastructure program over the next decade to deliver quality amenities to improve liveability and make Hedland an attractive place to work and live.

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