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New Community Safety Plan for a safer Hedland

Published on Thursday, 14 December 2023 at 1:13:17 PM

The Town’s new Community Safety Plan 2023-2026 (CSP) has been adopted by Council, following an independent evaluation by the University of Western Australia's Law School Criminology team.

The evaluation provided recommendations to achieve effective and sustainable solutions, with an evidence-based approach for continuous improvement in community safety.

Core recommendations of the CSP include the commitment to increasing community awareness about what is effective to prevent crime; the lack of effectiveness of tough on crime approaches; and the importance of committing to a process that will work better.

Mayor Peter Carter said that the revised CSP represents a shift for the Town and the Hedland community towards adopting innovative, problem-focused approaches to safety.

“The Community Safety Plan is not just a document, it's a commitment to increasing community awareness, understanding the limitations of previous approaches, and instead, focusing on strategies that are proven to be effective,” he said.

“The Town is dedicated to creating a strong, connected community with safety as the foundation of all our planning – we can learn from past experiences and be guided by expert recommendations for continuous improvement in community safety.”

The CSP’s priorities focus on safer spaces and places, community education and capacity building, meaningful partnerships and participation, and an innovative response framework.

The new CSP also acknowledges the ongoing efforts of various groups in Hedland and the Town's role in community safety at a local level.

Mayor Carter emphasised the importance of partnerships across the sector and community to achieve positive outcomes and a safer, more vibrant community.

“The Town is committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders, leveraging the insights from the evaluation to roll-out sustainable, evidence-based solutions for crime prevention and community wellbeing,” Mayor Carter said.

The new Community Safety Plan is available on the Town’s website

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