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Gratwick Closes For Season

Published on Monday, 26 February 2024 at 11:51:30 AM

Gratwick Aquatic Centre will be closing for the season on Tuesday, March 5 as a result of critical aquatic staff shortages across Western Australia.

Given the substantial shortage of qualified pool operators across Western Australia, particularly in regional areas, the Town has had to make the tough decision to close Gratwick Aquatic Centre earlier than usual.

This closure will however enable the Town to focus on delivering a greater level of service at South Hedland Aquatic Centre, which typically sees nine times more visitors than Gratwick.

The last day of operations before Gratwick wraps up for the season will be Monday, 4 March.

The Town invites everyone to join us on the day for a special Labour Day celebration at Gratwick with free entry for the whole community.

Existing seasonal bookings will not be affected by this closure – Water Polo, Swim Club and School Swim Carnivals will continue uninterrupted to facilitate ongoing training, competitions, and activities.

Non-seasonal bookings affected by this change will be given venue change priority. Affected parties will be contacted by Port Hedland Leisure over the next few days with available options.

Gratwick Aquatic Centre is a seasonal pool which ordinarily operates between September and April.

The Town is presently working on a number of solutions to attract more qualified and experienced aquatic pool operators to Hedland and anticipates the return to regular operations later in the year.

For aquatic enquiries, please email

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