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First-ever dedicated Sustainability Advisor joins the Town

Published on Thursday, 18 January 2024 at 12:20:20 PM

The Town of Port Hedland has appointed its first-ever Sustainability Advisor – a role dedicated to developing projects that create positive community and environmental outcomes.

The appointment reinforces the Town’s commitment to its Environmental Sustainability Strategy, which was recently endorsed by the Town. The Strategy details a long-term plan to protect our environment while supporting social and economic growth, with a focus on energy and climate change, waste, water, natural environment and sustainable development, planning and infrastructure.

Town of Port Hedland Mayor Peter Carter said the Town was dedicated to supporting improvements in sustainability and environmental outcomes.

“We have already installed solar on many Town facilities and we are working with Containers for Change and WARRRL (Western Australia Return Recycle and Renew Limited) for container exchange basket installations. These new installations will be placed around town and will be part of a pilot program to encourage community participation and further improve recycling options,” Mayor Carter said.

“These sustainable priorities and commitments help keep the Town accountable for our environmental footprint, all whilst helping create a thriving and resilient future for Hedland. We want to encourage the community to come along on this journey with us, as we all play a part in helping protect our environment.”

Rupa Kharti joins the Town with a strong background in consultancy work and experience across both private and public sectors, including Local Government.

Rupa studied Environmental Science in her home country of Nepal, then followed on to finish her Masters degree at ECU in 2021.

Rupa has recently worked on exciting projects for the City of Joondalup where she and her team were responsible for Quenda (also known as the Western Brown Bandicoot) monitoring and studied the feasibility of relocating Brushtail Possums in nature reserves.

Rupa says she is most excited about the engagement aspect of the role and having the opportunity to work closely with Hedland’s local environmental organisation, Care for Hedland, as well as working with the team from Western Australia Return Recycle and Renew Limited (WARRRL) for future sustainability projects.

“I haven’t spent much time in the Pilbara, or Port Hedland, but I am excited to immerse myself in the lifestyle and get started in my role to help make Hedland a more sustainable and thriving community.” she said.

“When I think towards the future, I would also be interested in looking at renewable energy options for Hedland, which I know is a key priority in the Town’s Environmental and Sustainability Strategy.”

Manager of Environmental Services, Michael Cuvalo said “I am extremely excited to have Rupa join the team. Rupa brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Town and will be instrumental in advancing the Town’s positive contribution to the sustainable community outcomes, conservation and the protection of biodiversity and integration of sustainable principles in urban and commercial development.”

“With her skills, knowledge and experience I foresee amazing partnerships being formed and strengthened, community capacity being enriched and the Town’s status as an environmentally conscious and responsible local government being secured."

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