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Dog safety starts with you: Take the lead in responsible dog ownership

Published on Wednesday, 6 March 2024 at 10:08:54 AM

Environmental Services and Rangers have raised concern over the frequent dog attacks happening in Hedland, with incidences climbing from previous years. This is having a significant effect on the Town’s resources as well as overall community safety. 

Feeling safe in our community is a basic right, and the Town is committed to creating safe public spaces, streets, and surroundings.

As a dog owner, you have the first and foremost responsibility of keeping your dog safe. This includes making sure they are on a lead in public spaces, that they don't escape by getting out of backyards or enclosures, as well as making sure they are registered and microchipped.

Even if your dog is registered, and found wandering, every person liable for the control of that animal at the time may be issued an infringement for failure to provide means of effectively confining a dog.

But it’s ok because my dog is friendly!

No, it’s not ok.

Just because your dog is friendly, doesn’t mean other dogs are, some may be nervous, reactive, fearful, in training, or owned by people who want it to be left alone.

When you’re out walking your dog in a public space – please have them on a lead. Respect others and their need for space.

Dog safety tips for a safe community -

  • Make sure your backyard is fenced and sealed. Check for any areas where dogs may be able to dig their way out or climb onto something to jump out. Make sure gates and doors are locked. 
  • Have your dog registered with the Town. If your dog happens to leave your home, and someone finds them - we can look up our system and get in contact with you to return them safely.
  • Reporting and addressing aggressive behaviour or escaped dogs to our Rangers can promptly prevent future incidents from happening to other dogs and members of the community. By reporting to our Rangers, you’re doing your part to keep our community safe. 
  • Make sure your dog is on a leash when you're walking them. You may incur a penalty of $200 for a dog being off-leash, and these penalties increase substantially if an unleashed dog attacks another animal or person. These Penalties can rise into the thousands of dollars.

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