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Councillors endorse new precinct plans

Published on Thursday, 23 February 2023 at 2:04:34 PM

Town of Port Hedland councillors have endorsed plans for a new precinct in South Hedland that will offer the community a range of performing arts and shared community facilities.

The concept design masterplans for a new Performing Arts Centre and Civic and Community Centre were endorsed at the Council Meeting last night.

The two facilities will be part of the wider Hedland Sports and Arts Precinct which will also include the South Hedland Integrated Sports Hub.

Mayor Peter Carter said the Hedland Sports and Arts Precinct was a legacy piece of infrastructure which would revitalise South Hedland and provide world-class sports, arts and culture amenities.

Part of the plan involves relocating the Town’s current civic administration teams to South Hedland.

“This is part of our vision to bring more services to South Hedland. The Civic Centre in Port Hedland is no longer fit-for-purpose and we’re taking the opportunity to redevelop the former TAFE site to include administration offices,” Mayor Carter said.

“The administration functions, as well as a new library and performing arts centre will integrate community facilities and strengthen civic pride.

“The Hedland Sports and Arts Precinct will revitalise the South Hedland town centre and the Performing Arts Centre and Civic and Community Precinct will provide quality services and amenities for the community,” he said.

“This is part of the Town’s vision to invest in legacy infrastructure to increase liveability in Hedland to help grow our population.”

The civic and community precinct will be built on the former TAFE site on Hamilton Road and include:

- The Town of Port Hedland administration building to replace the current Civic Centre in Port Hedland

- Town library

- Performing Arts Centre

- Community space

- Commercial space

- Commercial café/restaurant; and

- Childcare facility.

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