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Published on Thursday, 30 May 2024 at 1:54:22 PM

Council rates and fees and charges

The Town has developed a new rating strategy for the coming financial year and is setting budgets in line with that strategy. The Council endorsed both a new schedule of fees and charges and the proposed rating structure for public feedback.

At a high-level, residential rates are proposed to increase an average of $2 per week, while commercial rates are proposed to increase an average of $8 per week. This is the first residential rate increase since the 2022-23 financial year.

People will be able to provide feedback via the Have Your Say page on the Town’s website.


Gallery management contract supported

The Council agreed to award a contract for the management of the Courthouse Gallery for a three-year period. The decision follows a recent review of the Courthouse Gallery, which recommended management of the facility continue with a third-party.

Ongoing management will include a renewed focus on a vision for the Gallery to become a cultural beacon of Port Hedland and the broader region by nurturing and showcasing the rich tapestry of local stories, culture and creativity.


Service Worker Housing project progresses

Town of Port Hedland councillors have adopted a business case to open the way for a major land transaction to purchase a Cottier Drive block earmarked for the Town’s service worker housing project.

A concept plan for the South Hedland Service Worker Housing project proposes 76 houses of various design to be built on the 2.64 hectare allotment on Cottier Drive in South Hedland.

The project is designed to offer affordable housing for workers in sectors such as education, tourism, childcare, retail and hospitality.

The Town plans to purchase the block of land, but before a major land transaction can be undertaken, a business plan must be prepared. Councillors endorsed adoption of the business plan at the meeting last night.


Community Recycling Centre delayed

Councillors resolved to delay further work on the Community Recycling Centre, inclusive of a tip shop, planned for the South Hedland Landfill. Designs of the project were endorsed by the Council earlier this year and a contractor sought to complete the works.

However, at the Ordinary Council Meeting last night Council voted against awarding a contract for the work, with the intention of further exploring the scope of the project and construction costs.

The Council agreed to award a contract for a separate piece of work to replace the evaporation pond liner for the wastewater treatment facility.


Marina Shared Community Facility put on hold

Councillors opted not to progress a concept design for a proposed Shared Community Facility building at the Spoilbank Marina.

The initial design included a plan to repurpose the TS Pilbara shed at the Marina and refurbish it into a shared community space, while constructing a smaller social area north of the shed. The design also proposed options for future expansion.

Councillors chose not to progress the design at this time.

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