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Community priorities shape revised Strategic Community Plan

Published on Thursday, 28 July 2022 at 1:32:38 PM

Council has adopted the Town’s updated Strategic Community Plan 2022-32 (The Plan), a blueprint for the future direction of the Town of Port Hedland and the community.

A full statutory review was required after The Plan’s initial four years, following The Plan’s original endorsement in 2018.

The Plan outlines the community’s long-term vision, values, aspirations and priorities.

Mayor Peter Carter said The Plan is grounded in the 6,470 ideas and opinions contributed by the local community, with feedback used to identify how to build prosperity, honour cultural heritage, protect the environment and upgrade and improve infrastructure.

“The updated Plan will help guide the Town’s key policies and actions as we seek to meet both the current and future aspirations, opportunities and needs of our community, to support a strong, connected and inclusive Hedland,” Mayor Carter said.

“The Plan demonstrates how the shared community vision of building generational prosperity, supporting economic expansion and promoting environmental sustainability can be delivered by leveraging our unique assets and investing in services and facilities.

“During extensive community engagement undertaken between July 2021 and March 2022, we heard a strong desire for the Town to continue building a safe, family-friendly, vibrant and cohesive community.

“We’ve also updated The Plan to reflect what people have told us. We listened to the feedback saying that Hedland was much more than a Port town, and our vision should reflect that.”

The Plan represents strong community aspirations that guide and shape planning priorities and the Town’s commitment to delivering benefits for the Hedland community.

The Plan acknowledges current trends and references expected shifts in demographics, social and economic issues and potential local, national and global impacts.

Mayor Carter acknowledged that the partnership between the Town, local industry and businesses, placed-based organisations, service provider agencies and the wider community will be central to The Plan’s effectiveness.

“The Town is committed to connecting, listening and supporting our diverse community, advocating for opportunities that will leverage and unlock the potential of our people, places and resources.

“In addition, we are conscious of the financial, asset and workforce realities and constraints when setting the directions and priorities for Hedland.

“We thank everyone who took the time to complete surveys and contribute ideas, which has created a Plan reflecting grassroots sentiment and long-term community goals.”

The revised Strategic Community Plan is available on the Town’s website.

Alternatively, a copy of the Plan is available from:

  • Port Hedland Civic Centre, McGregor Street, Port Hedland
  • Port Hedland Library, Dempster Street, Cooke Point
  • South Hedland Library, Leake Street, South Hedland

For media information:

Town of Port Hedland, PR and Communications Team


Phone: 08 9158 9300


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