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South Hedland Landfill

The South Hedland Landfill is located at the end of North Circular Road, South Hedland. 

A weighbridge is used to calculate chargeable commercial refuse, and to provide accurate records of all waste stream types committed to Landfill. 

It is a condition of entry to this facility that all users shall conform to directions issued by staff. 

Any goods deposited at this facility immediately become the property of the Town of Port Hedland, under section 4.6 , Prohibited Activities of the Local Waste Law 2020

Customers are responsible for the unloading of their own vehicles, and may be liable for charges for the relocation of waste that has been disposed of in the incorrect area. 

As of 2 October 2023, hours will be as follows:

Hours Of Operation


7:00am - 4.30pm

Saturday and Sunday

8:00am - 2:00pm 

Public Holidays

8:00am - 2:00pm 

Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday


 *Please note skip bins no longer available at the front of Landfill for non-commercial use outside of regular hours.  All refuse must be deposited inside the Landfill during opening hours.*

What Can I Take to the South Hedland Landfill?

The South Hedland Landfill Facility is a Class 2 landfill, which means that it is authorised to accept all domestic streams of waste, industrial waste and construction waste, as well as certain hazardous wastes including asbestos, synthetic mineral fibres and some potentially hazardous industrial materials, provided they meet certain acceptance criteria.


All materials deemed by Council to be recyclable, must be taken to the recycling areas of the Landfill as directed by staff.  This includes

  • Clean Fill
  • Gas Cylinders (non-commercial quantities)
  • Neverfail Water Bottles
  • Car Batteries
  • Car & Motorbike Tyres (4 per visit, domestic users only)
  • Electronic waste (e-waste) including all computers and peripheries (printers, drives etc.), televisions, mobile phones and electrical cords.

The South Hedland Landfill facility does not accept:

  • Motor oil, coolant, fuels
  • Paint
  • Drums
  • Commercial quantities of gas bottles, flares and fire extinguishers
  • Household chemicals.

These items can be taken to Cleanaway, 20 Schillaman St, Wedgefield for disposal.

Commercial Industrial Waste

The South Hedland Landfill Facility is a Class 2 Landfill and can only accept waste as listed in the current licence, L69171997/8, as issued under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 and amended periodically.

The Landfill is able to accept the following waste streams.



Putrescible Waste

Household waste, paper, cardboard, food waste, household furniture, garden waste,

Inert Waste Type 1

Non-hazardous, biodegradable, glass, plastic, asphalt, building and demolition waste

Inert Waste Type 2

Non-biodegradable – plastics, tyres, bulka bags

Special Wastes Type 1

Asbestos and asbestos cement products only.  No fibrous asbestos. 

Special Wastes Type 2

Medical and biological waste, clinical waste

Industrial Solid Waste

Construction waste, demolition waste

Liquid Waste

Septage, grease, storm water pump out

Hazardous Waste

Quarantine waste


To obtain a copy of the Acceptance Criteria for Landfills or further information regarding Landfill Waste Classification and Waste Definitions 1996 for Class I & II please visit the Department of Environmental Protection website.  If you have any further queries, please contact the Town of Port Hedland, Waste Operations Team on (08) 9158 9714. 

Specialist and Hazardous Waste Disposal

The following types of Specialist Waste are accepted at South Hedland Landfill

  • Contaminated soil
  • Quarantine waste
  • Asbestos (fully sealed in plastic)
  • Medical and biological waste
  • Pharmaceuticals and poisons
  • Dead animals

If you require specialist disposal please review the Contaminated Waste Guidelines (which contains an Application Form on pages 15 and 16) and if you are still unsure contact the Waste Operations team on 08 9158 9714. Please submit the Application Form to

Fees and charges (see page 16) do apply for the disposal of specialist waste. 

Septic and Grease Trap Waste

Septic waste and grease trap waste is accepted in the waste water treatment plant at South Hedland Landfill as governed by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.  The Environmental Protection (Controlled Waste) Regulations 2004 (the Regulations) provide for the licensing of waste facilities, carriers, drivers and vehicles involved in transporting controlled waste on roads in Western Australia. 

For information regarding the disposal of liquid waste at the South Hedland Landfill, please call the Town of Port Hedland, Waste Operations Team on (08) 9158 9714. 

For information including fact sheets, fees and guidelines regarding the transportation of liquid waste, please contact the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.

Fees and charges (see page 16) apply for the disposal of liquid waste. 

The landfill is audited and licensed annually by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation.  There is legislated acceptance criteria for all landfills in Western Australia and this information is available from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. 


Waste Fees and Charges

Residents that wish to dispose of the following waste streams at the South Hedland Landfill Facility are not subject to charges under the Fees and Charges Schedule 2020/21.

  • Domestic waste
  • Green Waste
  • Clean fill
  • Car bodies

Customers will be directed to the areas specified for each material type, so that each stream can be separated for subsequent resource recovery.

Payment Options

For the safety and security of its staff and customers, the South Hedland Landfill does not take or hold cash on the premises.

Payment of fees and charges can be made through a pre-arranged account or alternatively they can be paid at the weighbridge with a credit card or via EFTPOS.

To open an account, please fill in a credit application form and return to the Town via email:  or mail: PO Box 41, Port Hedland, WA 6721.

Comments and feedback are welcome and can be made to staff at the landfill site. It should be noted that staff operate within guidelines set by management and hence any dispute regarding fees or waste acceptance should be directed to the Manager of Waste Operations on (08) 9158 9715. 

2022/2023 South Hedland Landfill Facility Fees and Charges

Landfill Fees and Charges are reviewed and adopted by Council annually.  Please note that GST is payable on all landfill/waste disposal fees.

To view the current Fees and Charges, click here.

Asbestos Waste Disposal Requirements

  • Unauthorised depositing of Asbestos waste is prohibited
  • Severe penalties apply for unauthorised or illegal dumping of Asbestos waste
  • All building and demolition waste must be inspected by Town attendant prior to tipping
  • All Asbestos containing material must be separated from other waste
  • Asbestos containing materials will only be received at this site from Town ratepayers at an approved date and time by prior arrangement with the Town of Port Hedland
  • Town attendant must be present to supervise receipt of Asbestos
  • All Asbestos containing material must be double wrapped, free of surface contamination and labelled in accordance with requirements provided
  • No single package of wrapped Asbestos shall exceed 20 kg in weight
  • Contact the Town for further information: (08) 9158 9714

For information on kerbside waste collections, please click HERE.