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Business and Tourism Innovation Grant Now Open

We're pleased to announce that the latest round of the Town's Business and Tourism Innovation Grant is now open for Hedland based businesses and community groups. The maximum amount of grant funding which can be obtained is $2,000.

Traditionally, this grant has focused on supporting projects, events or activities that advance and encourage increased visitation, participation and contribute to the presentation of Port Hedland as a destination. However, the COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings for the foreseeable future shift this grant's focus towards the predominantly digital space. 

The grant funding can be allocated to website design and development, equipment, marketing, materials, additional staffing, construction, signage and more. Now more than ever, it's an opportunity to purchase digital equipment and online resources to reach audiences in the online space. Public gatherings and events might be off limits, however there's limitless opportunities to evolve your operations online to remain viable during this time and thrive. 

A number of shops and services can use this unique opportunity to explore new ways or reaching customers. As you can see by the below table, economic activity can be translated from face to face to online delivery. 

What are some ideas for my business or community organisation?

Clothing Retailer Funding could be used to set up an online e-commerce platform to reach existing and new customers
Restaurant Funding could be used to print take away menus so that your customers know you're still operating a take away service
Dance School Funding could be used to purchase a camera to record classes and upload these onto your Facebook page
Sporting Group Funding could be used to purchase a camera and equipment to record training tips your members could practice in their home
School Tutor Funding could be used to purchase equipment and software to deliver tutoring sessions to your students over the internet
Night Club Funding could be used to purchase live streaming equipment and software to deliver live DJ sets on your Facebook page
Tourism Operator Funding could be used to purchase online advertising space to reach future prospective tourists with key messages about Hedland

Who is eligible to apply for this grant? 

  • Be a registered not for profit organisation or for profit organisation or business permanently operating in Port Hedland
  • Have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Have the appropriate insurances, permits and licences or detail plan to obtain
  • Have a product / service that is market ready and financially viable
  • Have a proposal that will deliver benefit to the Town of Port Hedland and the Hedland community
  • Provide a project plan detailing objectives of the project, costs, timelines and methodology
  • Not have been declared bankrupt or have financial complications

How do I apply for this grant?

Applying for this grant can be completed via the Town's online 'SmartyGrants' portal. Simply click here to get started:

Click here to access the Town's Grants Community Grants Program Information booklet.

Online applications are encouraged first, but paper-versions of this grant application can also be provided to a local business’s nominated letterbox/PO Box address, upon verbal request to the Community Engagement Team.

Who can I contact for assistance with my application? 

The Town's Community Engagement Team is ready to answer any questions you may have in relation to your application.

Please feel free to contact the team on 08 9158 9300 during business hours or email for more information.