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Have your say about your town!

Published on Wednesday, 9 August 2023 at 1:47:21 PM

Have your say about your town!

Shape Hedland's tomorrow by having your say today!

The MARKYT Community Scorecard is now open!

Help to make Hedland an even better place to live, work and play by getting involved in our Community Scorecard to express your ideas, concerns and vision for our community.

We want to hear from every resident, business and community organisation about their experiences and perceptions of living, working and playing in Hedland.

A series of questions covering a cross section of the Town’s operations are included in the independent Scorecard, such as community facilities, services, leadership and lots more. Scorecard responses will be used to inform the review of the Town’s Strategic Community Plan 2018-2028 to make sure the community’s vision, values, aspirations and priorities are reflected in the Town’s strategic planning and decision making.

Every opinion counts! Your insights will provide a vital role in the decision-making and planning for Hedland’s growth and future.

Why take part:

  1. Gives you the chance to have a say on your town's future

  2. Guides the Town of Port Hedland's decision-making process

  3. Tracks the Town's progress against the Town of Port Hedland Strategic Community Plan 2022-2032

  4. Identifies areas which require more attention, funding and resources in future budgets

  5. Fosters a more responsive and transparent Local Government process.

Previous responses collected from across the community, formed the foundation of the Strategic Community Plan (SCP) 2018-2028.  The process also gave Elected Members and the Executive Team an accurate snapshot of the attitudes of residents and where they wanted their Town to be in the future.

    Click here to take part and have your say! 

    The scorecard will remain open until 18 August 2023.

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