Local Development Plans

Local development plans are planning tools used to coordinate and assist in achieving better built form outcomes by linking lot design to future development. Local development plans address the differences in urban settings such as streetscape, garage location, solar orientation, landscape, building height and topography.

Stanley Street, South Hedland

Also known as Elements Estate Subdivision. The area is bound by North Circular Road (north), Parker Street (west), Stanley Street (east)and land owned by WaterCorp (south) Local Area Plan for Lot 1693 & Lot 2119 Stanley Street South Hedland. Plan approved  7 August 2012

Stanley Street Local Development Plan

Osprey Drive Subdivision 

Local Area Plan for the Osprey Subdivision Area bound by Osprey Drive (north), Masters Way (west), Collier Drive (south) and vacant bush land (east). Amended Plan approved 12 November 2013

Osprey Drive Subdivision Local Development Plan

Trumpet Way Subdivision

The area is bound by Cottier Drive (north), Jibson Close (east), Kennedy Street (south) and Trumpet Way (east). The proposal is for 174 lots. Plan approved 12 July 2013

Trumpet Way Subdivision Local Development Plan

Local Development Plan - Various Lots - Daylesford Close, Starboard Entrance, Kabbarli Loop Derrick Lane, Cabin Road, Windward Way, Koojarra Crescent, Bollard Lane, Chunking Crescent, Captains Way and Skippers Loop, South Hedland

The area is bound by Kabbarli Loop (north), Daylesford Close (west), Koojarra Crescent (south), and a drainage reserve (east). Approximately 94 lots are proposed. Plan approved 16 April 2014

Various Lots- Daylesford Close Local Development Plan

Lot 331 Hamilton Road Local Development Plan

The area is bound by Hamilton Road (west), North Circular Road (south) and land owned by the Minister for Water Resources (north & east). Plan approved 12 January 2015

Lot 331 Hamilton Road Local Local Development Plan