Leash your furry friends to keep our flatback friends safe this turtle season

Published on Wednesday, 3 November 2021 at 9:32:55 AM

Community members are reminded that all dogs must be kept on a leash at all times in public, unless a sign specifically states off leash area.

If Town Rangers see a dog off leash in any area other than specified as off leash, the owner will be issued with a $200 on the spot fine.

The only locations which permit off leash dogs are the Spoilbank Reserve and Canine Club in Port Hedland, and the Marie Marland Oval Temporary Dog Park in South Hedland.

It is now flatback turtle season, which means turtles will be nesting and traversing along Port Hedland’s coastal areas. Off leash dogs can damage nests and potentially attack turtles trying to nest.

Mayor Peter Carter said Towns Rangers have a zero tolerance approach to off leash dogs.

“The message is clear: if a Town Ranger sees you with an off leash dog in an unauthorised area, you will be issued with a $200 on the spot fine.

“It’s turtle season, which means we all need to be extra vigilant about protecting our flatback friends by keeping our furry friends on a leash. We’re seeing too many off leash dogs at Cemetery Beach, along the Sutherland Street footpath and at Pretty Pool.

“If you would like to let your canine companions off leash, please utilise the Spoilbank Reserve, Canine Club or Marie Marland Oval Temporary Dog Park.”

For media information:
Laura Hawes
Manager Corporate Affairs
(08) 9158 9365 | lhawes@porthedland.wa.gov.au

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