Aquatics masterplan makes a splash

Published on Thursday, 26 August 2021 at 2:30:25 PM

Council has endorsed the Town’s Aquatic Service Level Review and Masterplan, intended to secure better aquatic facilities and services for Hedland’s future.

Council also endorsed the Town investigating the incorporation of the new aquatic facilities into the existing South Hedland Integrated Sports Hub (SHISH) precinct, where Wanangkura Stadium is located. 

Hedland is projected to experience significant population growth in the coming years, necessitating contemporary aquatic facilities which meet community expectation. Aspects of the Town’s current facilities: South Hedland Aquatic Centre (SHAC), Gratwick Aquatic and Fitness Centre and Marquee Park are ageing and no longer fit-for-purpose. 

A future aquatics facility located in South Hedland seeks to include an indoor warm water pool, outdoor water play, water slides, 50m outdoor pool, 30m water polo pool with water obstacle course component, removable pool shade structure to provide sufficient coverage, aqua tower or water slide and public amenities. 

Once construction is completed, SHAC will close and all services will be relocated to the new facility. 

The projected cost of establishing a new aquatic facility is $72.4 million, however a detailed business case and tender process will determine specific costs. 

Mayor Peter Carter welcomed Council’s endorsement of the Town’s Aquatic Service Level Review and Masterplan.

“Hedland is a sporting and recreational community, which is why Council and I are committed to upgrading our aquatic facilities for the future. 

“South Hedland Aquatic Centre has served our community well, however projected population increases mean a new facility where Wanangkura Stadium is located will better suit our needs and expectations. 

“Establishing an aquatics facility within the South Hedland Integrated Sports Hub precinct makes practical sense, with our Leisure staff in a central location and the potential to reduce operational costs.

“I’d like to thank consultants @leisure Planners, Town staff, community members and community groups for having a say on the Masterplan and providing your insights. I look forward to reviewing the detailed business case into the future.”

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